Love Letters

Love Letters

That white sheet with green floral print
We spent the cool summer nights on
Still carries the stains of our communion.

The autumn leaves have fallen
I stand perched upon them–  
Yellow leaves– 
Under the semi naked tree
With your letters.

The slogans in the streets do not affect me
Nor do the cries of the starved
I’m nobody

Mannequins in the shop stare at me
With their dead eyes.
Mocking me, they strip me naked.
I try to hide my ugliness;
I’m ashamed.

These letters are the fictional half of my life
The other half is the reality–
Hideous as the shrunken penis after orgasm.

The memories of the past haunt me.
Of the times we were together
Rebellious, non-believers,
We believed in words
How ignorant we were!

My mind can’t stop thinking
Just like a clock that keeps ticking
Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-

As you lay naked in my bed
The first rays of morning light
Fell upon your breast
As it rose and fell
With every breath you took.

Now you gone I read those letters
Again and again trying to figure out
What went wrong

The world we fought against so hard
Has engulfed you in it
And now you’ve become a part of it
You are just chasing your dreams you say

While I stand naked in the sun robbed of mine.

published in on 15th November 2011

Prashant Das loves expressing his feelings on his writing mostly on his poems that takes you more deeper to yourself



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