Man after Dulla Shoes - Ahmed Dulla

Man after Dulla Shoes - Ahmed Dulla

Your personality lies on your toes
How many of you have heard of this saying or not, many mark with the achievement and success and indeed its true but there's a true reality as well that a character or a personality that makes an impression to other is also with the shoes that you are wearing, even if the saying goes with it or not this issue of our blog shares you about an amazing hand behind shoes from Nepal.

It's true that mainly women are choosy and go shopaholic on shoes than men and this must be true as well that most of the shoe or footwear designer come with designs on women rather than men and the market business demand has been the same. What is your preference of shoes ? Yes, indeed you go with several aspects but what makes you be choosy while buying your best pair of shoes ?

A lot of things indeed comes in your mind. May be our chit chat with one of the coolest footwear designer whose shoes are booked before he comes with it on the market can let you know more on it. Ahmed Dulla popularly called or known as "Dulla"  has been busy currently interacting with his audience with his "Dulla Shoes".

Learning footwear has been a great source of joy for me - Dulla

Dulla, ICSE student from St.Augistine's School, Kalimpong later with his high school at Bangalore, when asked  what made him being a footwear designer he says, 
" In high school, i fantasized about playing for the NBA, but realized this was overly ambitious and would remain just that- a fantasy. So, instead, i discovered a way to connect unattainable dream with my interest in sneakers. Since I loved basketball, I loved sneakers. I may not be able to play for the NBA, but I can surely design shoes for them, right?
This was after his high school in humanities that ran through his mind  and one day when he was deciding to take his career ahead he just made up his mind going with footwear designing after goggling for opportunities ahead. And, indeed as it's said that your passion always call you to take it away with you ahead, Dulla did the same doing a three years diploma at Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI) in India, one of the very few institutes related to footwear technology and designing. He adds , "When I told my friends and relatives about my career choice, they mocked me and called me cobbler and  People aren't still aware of this career."

Dulla, as he himself says not an excellent studious student failing to reach his achievements of marks on his mark sheet where mostly many of them are after, he was much focused for what he loved doing and that's what makes him busy with his "Dulla Shoes" these days. For Dulla, learning to design shoes and above all learning the tricks and flicks of actually making shoes has never felt so good. The whole pride that oozes in having that pair of shoes that you visualized in your mind and then being able to turn that into reality can be somewhere related to a woman being able to give birth successfully. This whole craze or obsession and addiction of the spark turned into reality as with the flicker turned into a big fire engineering on shoes as he marks it . He strongly adds despite his failure in studies,
" Follow your dreams, don't get deterred by others. In the journey of your dreams there will be obstacles but like with every dream, all you got to do to get ahead is believe in yourself and while people will try to bring you down, but you just have to put your best foot down and move on and continue moving on till you fulfill your passion. "
It wasn't so easy for Dulla to come up with his aim of giving birth to his first pair of shoes, as when asked what he's been doing and he would say Footwear technology which many are still unaware of and sounds greek to their ears, that's what made the next image that come to most people's minds is 'Mochi' or 'Sarki'. This has often been the case and he has been the brunt of many a 'mochi joke' but today he is able to shrug it off, like water off a duck's back, as he adds "Who cares what others think as long as I enjoy giving birth to new designs of shoes and all in all I am a dignified 'mochi' and I have no qualms about it."

Go away from the crowd and venture into the field making a mark on it

In around a month he has already sold more than 95 pairs of Dulla shoes he designs and works on his own hands along with his team in Delhi making them all busy with large audience scattered in India while many from the North eastern India and also from Nepal, Dulla Shoes are compared with well known popular brands by his audience. Dulla shoes are preferred with pure leather product than synthetic.The current Dulla Shoes that are mainly for women on heels ranges from Rs.2400 to Rs.3000 and coming with summer flats soon by end of april where almost 200+ are already booked and ordered. While, he also says that shoes are very important part of one's life as we invest much on our clothes but we rarely focus on our shoes. Despite of the fact that its not the people's fault, its also the market and the industry need to satisfy their needs though of many with their purchasing power being less but not to make any wrong decisions while buying their pair of shoes.

When asked, what does one need to keep in their mind while buying their pair of shoes, Dulla suggest despite of many important things 3 things must always be kept in mind

Comfort - Comfort always comes first rather than the designs and colors. You must always focus on your comfort while buying your shoes.

Design - Design comes next keeping in the mind that comfort is also there suiting your expectations along with your interest level that suits your body. Your body must also accept your shoes with its comforts and design.

Finish - With some being eye- catchy with the designs and colors of the shoes, we forget to go with the finish product. You always need to go with your preference along with a keen look on the way it has been made suits you as well.

While, several other aspects are always there that you been keeping on your mind while buying your best pair of shoes.

A lot of party happening at the town, and we see many going with their wears and with their hairstyles but back stab themselves with their shoes. Dulla shares after we asked him what could be the best pair of shoes he could suggest for party-goers and he came his options that you can also go with . For Men, it would be Oxford Leather Shoes and for women it would be Stiletto Heels.

Dulla sold his first pair of his designs of loafers in the year 2011 to his friend. Dulla Shoes are much comfortable focusing on the platform with broader heel which gives you enough support for your body letting you wear it for hours and you feel comfortable with it. Dulla though hasn't come up with any outlet's so far anywhere in the world, he has planned of collaborating with Nepali brands on the manufacturing where he sees Nepali brands can make their mark with his designs as well. While, he will soon come up with his shoes being sold at the town with one of the authorized dealers on fashion industry. With his current shoes more focused for women, he will be looking forward for men's as well in future as what we suggest is Dulla comes with amazing Men's shoes for sure with his loafers being comfortable as well. Hope, he goes with an option for men's shoes as well, and he is keeping an eye on that too with the feedback he receives. I hope our readers will certainly have comments on his brand social site - Dulla Shoes facebook and here on our blog too.

Let's have a look with Dulla's Handmade Dulla Shoes which you can book from the social sites Dulla Shoes and A-J-Store

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Thanks for sharing such kind of nice and wonderful collection......Nice post Dude keep it up.
I have appreciate with getting lot of good and reliable and legislative information with your post......

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Fabulous collection of shoes for the young girls. I like those have pattern and design and color. I want to get one pair in those for my cousin. Thanks for beautiful product.

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Anonymous said...

So pretty and I love the interchangeable topper. I painted my all my crossfit shoes green. I did chalkboard paint so it would stick better. Looks good, will see how the paint holds up when I actually wear them.

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It's true that mainly women are choosy and go shopaholic on shoes than men and this must be true ...


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