What they seek!

What they seek!

What they seek!

            By the same token, some applicants struggle to turn themselves into clones of the "ideal" MIT student -you know, the one who gets triple 800s on the SAT. Fortunately, cloning is still for sheep. What we really want to see on your application is you being you - pursuing the things you love, growing, changing, taking risks, learning from your mistakes, all in your own distinctive way. College is not a costume party; you're not supposed to come dressed as someone else. Instead, college is an intense, irreplaceable four-year opportunity to become more yourself than you've ever been. What you need to show us is that you're ready to try.So  here's what happened. I was going through the admission website of MIT, one of the best engineering college in the world, and i found this piece of text. I was really impressed by what they look for in the students they accept in freshman year. I wonder when the institutions in Nepal would think like them and look for students who have a passion for learning rather than the students who have scored A+ grade in high school or those who can invest a good amount of money on education.

 Biraj Khanal aka "Cold Frost" loves sharing experiences coming from the global world .



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