Apabad releases on 15th June | 1st Ashad

Share Your Dream a project initiated by VIEW YOUR CHOICE- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई – in collaboration with Apabad (Ideas and Images Pvt. Ltd.) and Underground Talkies Nepal has announced its recent new pre release deadline as 14th June-2012 for people to share their innovative dreams where one of them would be turn to reality. While, from all the dreams coming in by 14th June-2012, 10 dreamers will be randomly selected from any part of the world and invited for the First Day First Show of Apabad on 15th June-2012 and with respective to the countries screenings. 

The recent announcement was done after the release date of the movie was announced by Apabad team. Share Your Dream is regarded to be as a social project rather than a contest as it is surely going to create a great impact. Gaurav Kandel, from VIEW YOUR CHOICE, said “ View Your Choice has been doing projects on ideas and dreams turning into action earlier as well while with Apabad it becomes more interesting as we make this call for worldwide again and turning one dream turned into reality.” One can know more about Share Your Dream Project from Apabad and Viewyourchoice official website’s and even enter their dreams from the website, their facebook pages, email and many more. 

Invite us at your place for Interaction Series
Share Your Dream interactive series have also been called where one can call the Apabad team at their clubs, schools, colleges, universities, organizations to organize a SHARE YOUR DREAM Interaction series where anyone of the actors, directors, singers, producers along with change makers be invited for the series. Interestingly, the series would be more focused on dreams and ideas turning into reality. He added, “We are soon launching some interesting web applications for Share Your Dream supported by various organizations and currently we already have it for our facebook pages. We want to make people be more comfortable and start posting their dreams. ” One can even send dreams after 14th June and will last till Apabad is on theatres world widely while more surprise announcements would be made from the release date. Also, the team has made video response from various celebrities and business on Apabad requesting people to Share their dream to View Your Choice and Apabad team to make one dream come reality. Till now a moderate number of dreams have come and the team has expected more to come from any part of the world for Nepal. 

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