Revolutionary step in Nepali Cinema

Revolutionary step in Nepali Cinema

Expectations, yes expectations!! 

This is what everyone always have sticked around with and have got satisfied or haven’t as well. With the change and trend of Nepali cinema with more improvised in the script and also with the cinematography and directional aspect, a hope has arise among all Nepali in Nepal and all around the world. It took certain time indeed but the pace has brought that revolution indeed. Some have started thinking a lot after facing a lot of criticism from the critics as well as audience and productive movies have now made a large flow of Nepali audience watch and praise Nepali cinema.

We have seen that change and the pace of the trend being into action with gradual steps further with several movies that really became an eye opener for many as well as that made us an insistence from our heart itself to watch these movies. But, here with this post I want to arise one such very important and core thing that we mustn't forget and believe in is everyone are not wealthy ones who can make a high budget blockbuster that many of our expectations have lied on. Some with low budget but strong script and other aspects of the movie have brought that revolution too. Let me not stick to it as well but when we have always been talking about the change and trend then have we ever also thought that we been praising some, who have really dared in working on some stories that really had to be uncovered ?

Let’s question that! Yes, let’s question that whether or not we have thought that as well.

Can that daring effort not be praised by us? Can that praise only be limited to encouraging them 
“Oh, indeed this is such a daring effort by you, I really want to encourage you keep going” 

without even watching the movie. But, sorry to say readers and my friends this is the bitter truth we do the same without having a look to their effort we either praise them or criticize them. I am talking about some such daring efforts made by film makers who have really dared to share the uncovered stories of the respected and to be respected audiences and our friends indeed who have always tackled and faced a lot of bitter situations and been reacted with several reactions and whispers. My hats off to some movies like that in Highway where they have talked about the love of a man with a man where Pratiek portrays it but has just been a snap though. There might be several other movies which have shared similar stories too.  Indeed need to say standing ovations and salute for movies like Love U Man and Soongava who have really depicted and shared the nostalgic feelings of the issues of man loving a man while a girl loving a girl, directly saying it’s a story of third gender  But not necessarily a movie need to portray the social message and be a documentary in one itself. Several international film makers have dared making such movies as well and have been praised for their effort. Please let’s not just stick to Hollywood and Bollywood, have a look to several international cinemas they really have shared such stories and even encouraged it. While, some countries have given high respect to such movies acknowledging it as a separate genre in itself.

So, dearest readers and colleagues please let’s encourage such daring film makers by spending some amount from our pocket buying a ticket and watching it at theaters and cinemas. I am doing it and I want you to do as well encourage your family and friends and watch and talk about such cinema as well.


Satyendra Tripathi said...

Its really great effort and should encourage youth to involve to make revolution to change society. Best of luck!

Unknown said...

Im up for Sungava!! Go Go Nepali Movies!!

Unknown said...

Very Well said Gaurav... Such type of films should be encouraged... People in Nepal have a stereotype that all nepali films are rubbish. Well, as you said, there have been great films these past few years and its improving. And, if bollywood hasn't reached hollywoods level yet, Kollywood will definitely take its own time. :)

shr.dee said...

Nepali movies have certainly raised the standard of their own these days, not only the cinematography but also the story telling has been improvised a lot. Though the scenario of Nepali viewers hasnt changed a lot, but I certainly hope things will change for better in soon future.
And ya, I am certainly looking forward for these movies Soongava and Love you Man, A new spice in the plate.

Unknown said...

I just read some of the reader's comment above and I find it rather stupid than anything else. Someone says that Bollywood hasn't reached Hollwood's level. Some of the actress like Ash has already gained so much of attention and has played in many hollywood films. What is even more is that their scripts has a lot of powers. And its not only about "films", its also anything such as singing, dancing talent which only do come in "media line". Singers from Indian has the most technical vocals in the whole wide world. They have pure voice.
But anyway, Gaurav, your writing is indeed really impressive and sentence structures are pretty good. Diction is fine too.

I hope you contiue to write more about Nepali films, media and even Nepalese's culture.

Thanks for wonderful writing.
Happy reading!


RDMAN said...

I happen to write stuffs about particular movies and promoting it with my blog ( but here you have well written in general that encourages people to go watch/promote nepali movies. Yes the Revolution is on! There are many good movies lined up but the question is are we ready enough to give some time for our own movies???


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