Badhsala - Is it necessary to be banned ?

Badhsala - Is it necessary to be banned ?

This was a recent post last time i made just after the official theatrical trailer got released. But, with a recent news that surrounds everyone of us makes my statement a reality that 

Brutality of the autocracy has returned

This has not been the first time it was with several other movies before Badhsala which had excavated the hidden stories and some got banned and some censored too. Now, let me respond to the title Is it necessary to be banned ? The answer is with you as citizens of democratic country like Nepal. As indicated by media sources 

" As per the order from the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Information and Communications have banned the screening of Nepali movie Badhshala citing the contents of the film shows misuse of Nepal Army uniform. "

Was it just only about the uniform code then ? Is that the reality ?

“As the film was produced without informing the concerned bodies, the ministry has been requested not to provide permission for screening the movie and to stop the screening even if the theaters have been given permission,” the Information Ministry said in the letter.

Now the decision is in your hand and the Ministry's hand whether Badhsala needs to be screened in the theaters. We are awaiting for the moment to come as the proposed date 

FALGUN 25 i.e. MARCH 8
is not so far



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