International Youth Leadership Conference

International Youth Leadership Conference

Land of superlative they say
"Tall, Taller & Tallest",
"Rich, Richer & Richest" 
"Large, Larger and Largest" 
this is what Dubai is. Just from the time I realized I would be representing Nepal in International Youth Leadership Conference under International Youth Network, I was just overwhelmed with extreme joy and happiness . It was my first time in UAE Dubai and yes also my first time participation in international conference. Here I am with my experience which I would like to share with all the people going through this blog.

              International Youth Leadership Network-IYLN is one of the those organizations who is responsible to promote global leadership and is able to influence thousands of youth from all over the world to be a part of it. It is one of the most leading youth oriented organizations which provides chance for youth from all over the world to come together and form a melting point of people from different background, color and ethnic group but with same motto that is enhancing leadership and promoting international brotherhood. More than 50 youths from 30 plus countries participate annually. It is under the organization Civic Concepts International-CCI.

          Well starting up with the theme of the conference and the experience I accumulated I must start up with the fact it was a debut year for Nepal in the International Youth Leadership Network , we were 30 plus countries from all over the world. With tons of preparation, running for sponsorship finally I managed to get through the first round of selection which landed me in Dubai from November 23rd to 29th which I would tag as one of the best moments of my life. Knowing diversity, worldwide affairs, diplomacy and international brotherhood within 8 days was like blessing in disguise for me. Throughout the conference I was more familiar to people as Nepal and yes it was really a matter of pride for me to be known by my country's name rather than my own name.

          The conference included several sections as regional presentations, Dubai Court and Law, Foreign diplomacy, cultural understanding, VIP events, Cultural Night and debates. We had sight visit to various places which also included various government offices, museums, mosques etcetra. The executive director of the conference Mr.William Webster, conference director Ms. Shahneela Tariq and Mr. Aitzaz Rahmen Sheikh really worked their best to make this conference alive and my facilitator Ms. Rachelle Weller was such a sweetheart not just because she was fan of my Nepali Dance but she was really very helpful throughout all the activities we performed while we were there in Dubai.

             Like I have mentioned above the conference it was a great opportunity for me to get international exposure, know about global diversity, improve leadership skills, enhance knowledge and understanding in the field of foreign affairs, law and justice and current affairs. With the theme as such I would organize an event under UNYSAN(United Nation Youth and Student Association Nepal) to promote the concept of IYLN and IYLC so that more and more interested Nepalese youth can participate in the days to come. I with support of UNYSAN and IYLN would like to provide Nepalese youth with a platform to participate globally and have similar international experience which I had a month back.

               People interested in this conference and IYLN (International Youth Leadership Network) can be a part of the event which I would organize on the end of February of beginning of March tentatively. Interested students and youths can be in contact with me to participate in next conference under IYLN , I can assist them to participate, deal with applications and the preparation. Being a part of IYLN would truly be a life changing experience so interested candidates can be in contact with me through email



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