"Where there is color there is Hope"

"Where there is color there is Hope"

WatersFromHeaven is a small Non-profit organization based in the USA. My dream has been to bring art into the rural schools of Nepal through free workshops using local materials and recyclable items. The majority of schools in the rural areas do not offer any art classes or creative activities for the children, because of the lack of funds, equipment and the absence of teacher training. Unfortunately, many children never get the opportunity to develop their creativity, which is very important in the development of a young child. The classrooms and preschool rooms are bare with nothing but mostly a bamboo mat. Many of the children we have worked with have never even held a crayon or colored in a picture.

I have called the project “Where there is color there is Hope,” because I believe that art can uplift your spirits and transform any moment into a colorful experience. I have just returned from a two-month trip where I worked with a group of volunteer artists and teachers in two rural districts of Nepal. The feedback and the response from the community was extremely positive and I was surprised at how excited schools and teachers were to get involved. I will be returning in a couple of months to continue this project and hope that I would be able to focus more on teacher training so that more schools can be reached. I am in the process of recruiting teachers and artists for the upcoming projects later in the year. Please do email me at watersfromheaven@gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering or the Facebook page www.facebook.com/WatersFromHeaven and look at all the picture updates from the last trip. My dream has been to set up a small art center from where we could set up programs for the rural community and do the teacher training. It all is a process, but I believe that anything is possible and that we should never give up no matter how impossible it may look to others.



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