Speak Up & Be Heard - Being LGBT in Asia

Speak Up & Be Heard - Being LGBT in Asia

We're having a Regional Dialogue and we want you to Speak Up and Be Heard!

Have you faced discrimination, stigma, harassment, or bullying because of your sexual orientation and gender identity  (SOGI)?

Have you encountered hostility because of your SOGI when seeking housing, when pursuing education, when seeking employment or when seeking other social services and have you spoken out against it or challenged it?

Are you involved in LGBT rights and health activism in your community, organization, school, and/or workplace? Have you been able to bring change and promote innovation through your activism?

Are you an academic or advocate who contributes to protecting and advancing the human rights and health of LGBT people through research and advocacy?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, share your experiences with us. Make a submission TODAY! 

As people on the front-lines working for LGBT rights and health issues in the Asia-Pacific, your experiences and knowledge will shape the thinking and planning for the way forward for LGBT rights and health programming in the region in the coming decades. Invited government experts and representatives from development partners and the private sector will hear about your lived experiences and about your personal struggles and victories to protect and advance the human rights of the LGBT community.

Individuals whose submissions are selected will be invited to the Regional Dialogue to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 4 - 6 June 2014

Download the submission form at:

submit by email to: aprc.lgbt@undp.org 

Connect on Facebook: www.facebook.com/lgbtinasia 
Connect on Twitter: www.twitter.com/beinglgbtinasia



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