Augmented Reality: A Wonder in Technology

Augmented Reality: A Wonder in Technology

augmented-reality-1The technology has reached very far but we all are really unknown to such technology that will surprise us. Today I am introducing a technology called Augmented Reality which is a wonder in its kind.
A combination of real time component or real environment with computer generated content like text or graphics can be termed as +Augmented Reality .
According to Professor  Ronald Azuma stated in his survey of Augmented Reality paper in 1997, “is that it combines the real and the virtual, it’s interactive in real-time and that it must register in 3D”.

Basically the term augmented reality can be defined as combination of real world environment and a layer of information that could be text or graphics added to it.
Short History 
The development of augmented reality system in different times has been briefly shown below:

Components of Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality System is possible through use of different components. Various components in augmented reality are used for computation, storage, display and navigation. The components that are used in Augmented Reality System are briefly described below:

• Mobile Computing Platforms 
Mobile computing power in augmented reality has several tasks. As different hardware and devices need the computing power, it is used along with these devices and hardware components. Mobile computing platform is used for the graphics and multimedia capabilities, memory and storage spaces, computing power, expansion and interface ports and for operational purposes.
• Displays for AR 
Different devices like personal hand-held, wrist-worn or head worn displays etc are used for image projection in the real world environment. These displays sometimes can be used at once as well in a combined form. The main purposes of using the displays are to make use of resources in the environment.
• Tracking and Registration 
The orientation tracking or register, accurate position and virtual information with the physical objects are highly required for tracking and registration in augmented reality. Tracking equipments and the navigation are most in tracking and registration. Global Positioning System (GPS) is used for navigation. While navigation, data and time about the location is broadcasted by the satellites and the satellites determines its own location by comparing the signals received from other three or four satellites. The receiver’s location is determined by satellites by figuring out the distance with each of the satellite based on the time taken by a broadcast signal to reach from satellite to the receiver. Finally, triangulating distance from several satellite location of receiver is identified.
• Environmental Modeling 
Environment Modeling consists of different factors model based tracking, and even 3D samples stored somewhere in a server or even in cloud storage. The structures those are highly geometric are used for purpose of annotation and giving the proper real world environment’s overview.
How AR works?
Augmented Reality work on the basis of two things
• Marker based tracking
marker based augmented realityIn marker based tracking the system figure out camera pose on observation of what is seen. A marker is an image or a sign that can be detected by a computer system through the use of computer vision techniques, image processing and pattern recognition. The pose of camera and correct scale is than defined in marker based tracking.
o Marker detection procedures
The outlines of potential marker are firstly detected by camera and then location of the corner of the marker. The marker than is identified and confirmed and finally from the information of detected marker location, pose of camera is calculated. Basic marker detection procedure consists of following steps:
Step 0: Related images are acquired.
Step1: Marker’s corners are detected by low level image processing procedure.
Step 2: Detection of potential markers and discard of obvious non-markers.
Step 3: Identification is done by matching templates and data marker is decoded.
Step 4: Calculation of the marker pose and pose is calculated iteratively for accuracy.
• Sensor or Navigation based tracking 
Global positioning system (GPS) is used for navigation based AR system. This system helps users to detect the place or to find way. The navigation based system works on the basis of following:
o Navigation
After user selects specific target, shortest path is computed. The shortest path is continuously re-computerized to the target based on the basis of user movement. System detects and makes the marker and it shows the way by connecting those markers. Finally, simple directional information is displayed.

o Information browsing
Geometric representation is used for identification of objects and places. Outline in the objects is appeared or the place is identified while camera is shown to it. Algorithms or programming are done in the program (application) because of what it fetch information from available sources. The geometric outlines or the place information is matched with information sorted out from available resources and finally information is displayed to the users.
o Annotation
Annotation in augmented reality is used for pure browsing purpose. For this various colors and icons are used. The different icons used as the virtual marker can be helpful in detection of buildings and places browsing later on. As various icons can be used, users can choose the icons to differentiate various places, buildings and objects.

Guest article by Basanta Ghimire, A techno savvy with special interests in blogging , social media  Facebook  and designing.  



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