Integrity Ideathon Kicks off

Integrity Ideathon Kicks off

What if one would abide with moral values and principles ?

Indeed, it would be something worth of and so does with +Integrity Action and +Young Innovations have come forward with Integrity Ideathon.

Integrity Action spread in more than 60 countries works to help more than 400 universities develop courses that empower citizens to act with and demand integrity.While YoungInnovations provide innovative solutions in areas of open development, integrated mobile solutions and web development. Both the organizations launched a one day long Ideathon to build integrity testing game for youths and adults  aiming to create an exciting, new computer game that tests the ability to identify integrity problems and the knowledge about what to do about them.

Fredrik Galtung - CEO and Co-founder of Integrity Action shares +View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई - about the initiative of Ideathon,
Ideathon has been initiated here in Nepal to develop applications that helps to close the loop on integrity education.

Fredrik stated that there aren't as such tool and this initiative with help on the issue while the
organization has been working actively on building a culture of integrity by supporting citizens and organisations to develop effective systems that promote integrity through community integrity building and integrity education network. Here in Nepal, the INGO has been working with NGO initiatives, Nepal Administrative Staff College and others since past three years and has been scaling up some of its initiatives.

Sharing us on the impact he shares that it would be a viable product to implement as with people's huge demand and interest on games through hundreds of educators from schools and universities it would reach to the audience in long run. Further adding to it he shared that it would help a lot on closing the loop through the community integrity building. As the vital public services such as education, health, water, sanitation, roads, the judiciary, and social protection are often compromised by corruption, a lack of accountability, incompetence and unethical behaviour. Integrity Action’s Community Integrity Building approach is a successful and cost-effective way to improve the quality of public services and infrastructure, thereby improving the lives of thousands of people.

Young Minds with innovative ideas 

With around 30 young and adults from educators to tech developers participating, Ideathon had amazing ideas that could possibly act as a way to deliver integrity education through the games that they would develop.The ideas at Ideathon need to figure out to test the user's knowledge about whether these problems are covered by existing codes of conduct, codes of ethics, laws, etc. in a specific country. While, suggestions and solutions for how to address or resolve the problem illustrated in the film, recognizing that there can be more than one correct answer needs to be included too.

The jury Mr. Madhu Prasad Regmi, Chief Officer at National Vigilance Centre ; Dr. Tarak Bahadur KC, Deputy Executive Director of Nepal Administrative Staff College, Mr. Fredrik Galtung, CEO and Co-Founder of Integrity Action and Dr. Aman Shakya, Deputy Head of DoECE at Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus will then evaluate the ideas through judging criteria's on Impact, Originality, Product Feasibility and  Presentation. There are eight ideathon's and three will be awarded with grand prize of Rs. 30,000 as the 1st Prize, Rs.20,000 as the 2nd prize and Rs.10,000 as the third prize.

For +Deepak Adhikari and his group including Ashmita Mishra, Ayush Maharjan, Kshitiz Tiwari and Manisa Panta its about testing the integrity level and compare through a film while for +Nishan Aryal  and Hem Sagar Pokhrel its about a desktop game designed to influence the integrity knowledge via different game levels - text, image, video and relativity.

+Rhoit Man Amatya and his colleagues Shalil Awale and Manish Jung Thapa developed a desktop game on behavioral patterns of a student in his/her college life. +Sabin Devkota with Dharma KC developed a game where the characters are corrupt officials that conspire for artificial shortage of oil and their Super hero character Master Gorkhe solves the levels through integrity awareness to the each users playing the game.

For Binod Prasad Panta and his team members Bijaya Maharjan, Sahan Maharjan, +Vikram Sahani and Pundary Phuyal its on Self Integrity Test through three domains - Integrity at home, Integrity in Profession and Integrity in Society.

+Everest K.C. and his colleagues Sushant Kafle, Bidhya Nandan Sharma, Akash Shrestha, Sagar Sharma and Krishna Parajuli come up with "Scramble" a word finding game where one can watch a video and then try to find out the problems in the video and find the word defining the problem in the scramble of words.

Bikash Maharjan and Bikram Thapa developed "Resident  cop" who monitors the river and also to punish the culprit who doesn't maintain an integrity at work/place knowingly or unknowingly and focuses on integrity awareness.

+Rakeeb Rajbhandari , Elina Gurung and Nabin Khadka developed "School of Integrity" that provides degrees on integrity. The students have to pass the different level and tests. The players/students can achieve different degrees/badges such as Diploma, Bachelor and Masters by completing the assigned activities of this virtual school. The sensitivity of students/players on integrity can be judged by the level passed or the degrees/badges achieved.

All these ideas at Ideathon are being judged and with the criteria's set by the judging panel three ideas will be awarded.

+View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई -  has been promoting ideas and has been a key promoter for positive influencing stories is a supporting partner for Integrity Ideathon. 



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