When watching live event of World's Largest National Human Flag

When watching live event of World's Largest National Human Flag

23rd August ,2014,Saturday was one of the historical moments. The crowd of more than 35,000 Nepalese united to set Guinness World Record on Largest National Human Flag on Earth organized by Human Values for Peace and Prosperity(HVPP).

 Though I could not participate, I was feeling proud and excited watching the program live at Tundikhel.(I was there as a media person covering news,taking interviews so could not take part though I had registered my name.) So many emotions were flowing within me while watching the whole event.

As rainy weather early morning makes people lazy to go outside, I thought there will be less crowd. Surprisingly, more than expected people participated. When I was travelling at public bus to reach Tundikhel at 5:30 am, almost every local bus of Buspark route was crowded.Majority of them wanted to reach same destination i.e, Tundikhel for this huge event.

Almost all of them were teens and youths. I could see very few old people. The queue of participants to enter Tudikhel was so long yet the patience and positive energy was amazing. There was no any news of fight,injury or any accident. However, some of them were taken to hospital,some fainted due to weakness and lack of glucose in the body.

The volunteers and organizers were busy managing the event.They had the toughest job of all managing the crowd  to form the shape of Flag and preparing every other facilities. However, the cooperation of participants, their enthusiasm and energy to make the event successful must have motivated the spirit of volunteers and organizers.

It is not easy for participants mainly those with school dress. Standing for almost 5 hours early in the morning without food must have tired them. However, they were excited,happy and proud to be part of the event.

To all of the mass of people present at Tundikhel for this auspicious event, the best moment was wheneveryone was ready in their position and waiting for the arrival of helicopter. When helicopter arrived and our national anthem was played, that was the best moment. Everyone must have felt goosebumps, respect and love of the country and proud. Though I was away from the crowd, I was feeling the same.

This event holds the message of our unity under the symbol of our national flag. Finally, all was saying "WE DID IT!!". Many had tears in their eyes. Most of them took the part of flag they were holding with them while returning back to home as a piece of memo. Even I took of the part a home. :D

Those youths and citizens of Nepal who are living abroad might have missed Nepal so much and they might have wished they were in Nepal to be in this historical event. All thanks to technology and media that they were able to watch photos and videos. :)

We all know bad things disseminate fast. Many complained about the trash that were on ground after theevent and judge people's opinion accordingly without patience to wait for full results. However, it was cleaned afterwards. Furthermore, uniformity in everyone's behavior cannot be expected.To those who were saying trash was not cleaned up, why didn't they came to clean as this is everyone's duty?

No matter what, we know every coin has two sides. The main thing is being optimistic. Youths are the future of tomorrow. They are the pillars of nation. They showed their love towards Nepal and their act to save Nepal's unity and represent Nepal in the world through the symbol of flag in this event.

Moreover, to those political leaders who want to divide Nepal, this is also an example to them that anything is possible when youths unite.

At last, opinions differ from each individuals. This was my opinion and many might like it, many might not. Whatever it is we love our country and yesterday was very proud moment for us!

Alina Prajapati is a management student doing her bachelor studies. She is working as a Project Team Leader at View Your Choice and journalist at Glocalkhabar.com . Alina is also a passionate singer.
Email: alina.vyc@gmail.com / alinaprajapati@gmail.com
Facebook: alina_pj@hotmail.com
Twitter: @alinapj




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