The Author x Astha - Where Have You Been? with their first VEVO release

The Author x Astha - Where Have You Been? with their first VEVO release

Image Courtesy - Soundcloud channel of  The Author x Astha 
Nepal steps into possibly the first another +Vevo release via +AsthaVEVO channel for The Author x Astha's - Where Have You Been?

Added - As shared in the comment +ArpanPokharelVEVO, music composer and director based in USA even has a +Vevo  channel.

It's yet to define, how many Nepali singers or Nepali origin singers have their own VEVO account. But, its always a great news for all

The new single has been wonderfully presented by Nepal's popular musician's +rohit shakya 'The Author' and +Astha Tamang-Maskey  with lyrics from Astha herself. Both the artist have their own many releases earlier along with works on collaboration with national and international musicians.

The cinematography of their recent release has been done by +prasiit sthapit from +Fuzz Factory Productions shot in Kathmandu, Nepal made their first VEVO release.

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Anonymous said...

It is a great song but False headlines..... this is Nepal's first vevo for almost a year....and this artist is also affiliated to BMI so his nepalese songs gets registered in the USA. It is a very proud thing for Nepal.

View Your Choice said...

We are glad for the comment shared and this verifies that The Author x Astha aren't the first VEVO channel.

Whereas, we are yet to verify how many and which one was the first VEVO channel.

While, its always a big news for us that Nepali singers have been enlisted in VEVO channel too.


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