What is your Nepali issue being from Nepal ? Anil Shah shares his

What is your Nepali issue being from Nepal ? Anil Shah shares his

Nepal has progressed through several hurdles tackling them forward. Through revolutionary movements or be it through reformative movements Nepal has leaped forward in progress. Despite of all of that, Nepal struggles through its way on the progress. Our country has undergone major political changes and has faced a number of challenges in the aftermath. Meanwhile, issues relating to the changes and others have been raised and have been set aside. Now, while these issues matter, they have been set aside without being SETTLED amid our Days_in_and_Days_out. Nepali Issues on facebook and youtube as shares, will have posts related to such issues concerning Nepal and Nepali. It's a platform to get updates on issues which need a kick start to much needed discussion and to have some light shed on.

#Nepali Issues has recently brought together to inspire the young and adults that despite of all these challenges we can move forward. One of the first videos was by one of the popular social motivator and Banker Anil Keshary Shah who shares on what Nepali issue currently is very important for him.  

Anil says - 
A son, a husband, a father but above all he is proud to call himself a NEPALI
He shares at times he thinks within himself that Is it wrong to firstly call himself of Nepali ? leaving aside his ethnicity, economic strata, region. He looks inside himself and corrects himself and he will never accept of being wrong. He further shares despite of all the limitations we have to use the diversity of ours and strengthen as our national anthem sings along with the region and topographical structure - makes us Nepali first. He asks - Give Nepal a Chance, Nepal being oldest country in the world and the rich and diverse civilizations of the world. Let's not end it and tear it apart is what he shares and ask unitedly to sit together and put our issues forward and voice our opinion of living together and working together as a Nepali.

What is your Nepali Issue ? 
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