15 years old programmer, Sahil describes himself as a technology enthusiast. He believes that this is the world of technologies and learning to code teaches us logic. It give us an ability to build whatever we think regardless of which field it is related to. Sahil is a 10th grader at Janaki Secondary Boarding School, Janakpur. He is passionate about computer and programming. Currently, he is working on promotion of Janaki Computer Science Club. He is the Founder and President of the Club. Since he has more than 4 years of experience in programming, he instructs as well. The club is one of its kind since it is the first ever club in his school that is dedicated for programming and computer.
Starting of his journey
Asking him on how he started his journey, he said, “I had failed in 5th grade. But I had a friend who indulged me into the computer science field. I started working a lot of days and nights. People were also complaining that these works will spoil my studies. But I didn’t listen to anything. I moved on."
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