Saugat Tiwari, 19, is a young and aspiring entrepreneur of Chitwan district. He is a an engineering student of United Technical College, Chitwan and CEO of Timro Group. He is also a motivational speaker of Smart Startup Group for entrepreneurship. ‘Timro Kawadiwaala’ and ‘Timro Express’ are the two initiatives of his company. ‘Timro Kawadiwaala’ is associated with waste management whilst ‘Timro Express’ is a E-Commerce delivery service.
Saugat’s entrepreneurial journey started when he bought a fidget spinner in Kathmandu. The fidget spinner that he booked through one of the online portals came into his hand within 40 minutes of booking. Inspired from this amazing event, he dreamt of spreading E-commerce market in Chitwan as well.  By the time he was only 18, he decided to establish a company called ‘Timro Group’. And now his start up ‘Timro Express’ is working actively in Chitwan, Pokhara, Hetauda, Dharan and Itahari providing employment opportunities to 10 energetic youths. His initiative ‘Timro Express’ is now working with the top stores of Nepal like Hifashion, Bivuti, newmew, Pasalshop and many more.
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