A Tech Boy

A Tech Boy

You may have heard about the quotes; which people often use i.e. “Age Is Just A Number”. Well! Do you actually believe that age is just an episode??

Around 80% of people follow their dream just after high school. In fact, some still gets confused about their life goals. But have you ever thought about following your dream at an early age? Balancing your academic career and dream together might be tough or heavy! Yet, grueling your dreams come true will not be impassable.

Let us make you believe with one amazing story, who is just 16 years and has amazed nation through his work. That’s because he has brought a positive impact on society by helping people via technology.

Mr. Samir Phuyal is an emerging entrepreneur from Morang. He is passionate about technology. He develops websites and apps that solves the problem in society. He has initiated an online advertising platform called “NayaKinmel.com” an online advertising platform with the vision of digitalizing newspaper ads which aims to facilitate trading between buyers and sellers.

Samir has taught more than 13k people worldwide about Django through Udemy app to build a powerful web application. He has also developed Magic of Words Summaries and QnA app to help +2 students on their course. Additionally, He is also running Hamro Tech YouTube Channel which teaches Web Development and Programming on Nepali Language.

On Sep 1st, 2019 he was awarded as a Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero, 2019. Out of 598 application from the nation, Samir won the title and has marked as one of the inspirational personality or teenager in Nepal. The work he has been doing sets an example to break the stereotype of society. 

We believe teenagers have the power to change the nation through their creative ideas and amazing works. Like Samir, there are a number of teenagers who can reform society with their ability. It’s always never too early to follow the dreams.

Doing something impactful is chain learning. The world can believe you only after believing yourself. As we can see change begins with all efforts from everyone. A positive change by teenagers will definitely be the beneficiary for the people and to the nation.

Glocal Teen Hero (GTH) is an initiation of Glocal Khabar (a concern of Glocal Pvt. Ltd.) to bring out the fantastic teenagers together. It is an award night dedicated to all the passionate teenagers to recognizes their initiation, creativity, achievements, and enthusiasm that they have been doing to create a positive impact on the society besides academics. It is a fully-funded program exclusively for teenagers which helps to develop personally and professionally through a pool of opportunities and networking.


Written By: Ranju Magar
Glocal Pvt. Ltd



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