Inspiring through Stories

Inspiring through Stories

Panel Discussion taking place
Canopy Nepal organized a mini version of Understanding Education as ‘Inspiring through Stories’, with an intention to inspire Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholars to work harder and maintain the quality of our scholarship programs. This program was launched at Teach for Nepal office with a motive of inspiring youth to work persistently based on the stories presented by different outstanding scholars who have performed strongly academically and non-academically. The major participants of this panel discussion involved Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholars, their parents, and concerned school authorities.
This panel discussion, introduced as the first episode of this series was held among Asmita Kumari Mandal, Women Leader-2019 and Samaanta Foundation Scholar at VS Niketan School ;  Rupa Khatri, Canopy Nepal Scholar ; Saugat Wagle, Canopy Scholar studying at National College and Utsav Silwal, Former Bloom Nepal School Scholar and current Ullens International Baccalaureate Scholar. The panelists shared their past experiences, the contributions made by scholarships in their lives, the efforts they put after receiving the scholarship and also provided their suggestions for the current scholars for maximum utilization of the scholarships.
Participants noting in the discussion
The major theme of this event revolved around the proper utilization of the scholarship received by the scholars. one of our panelists,  Asmita Mandal, said," If we focus on learning new things by taking failures as motivation, it increases chances in gaining success in whatsoever aspect in one's life. The ‘never Give Up’ attitude one possesses towards goal achievement is all it takes for being successful." Similarly, Saugat Wagle, another panelist of the session stated how proper guidance and support from the scholarship providers at Canopy has been a strong catalyst for him to be more accountable to it. He stresses that the scholars should be persistent towards giving the best results so that there is an equal give and take relationship with the scholarship providers. Additionally, other panelists Utsav Silwal and Rupa Khatri shifted to focus on the importance of strong belief in one's potential to outdo themselves. The audience of this panel discussion comprised up of students receiving scholarships from various Canopy Nepal Scholarship projects and programs and representatives from different partner schools.

Overall, the event was well appreciated by the participants. One of the widely remarked comments given by our scholars included, “It was amazing to learn so much from the stories of our panelists This has inspired us a lot, so please continue this in the near future as well.” Comments like these have really made us even more motivated to organize more sessions of ‘Inspiring Through Stories’. 
Canopy Nepal team with the scholars after the event
Written By: Pransu Khakurel
Edited By: Urishna Shakya 
Canopy Nepal, with a team of enthusiastic youths, is providing scholarships, interactive sessions and workshops to improve the education system, little by little. The solutions provided by the experts are always implemented in our programs in ways that fit them best. 



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