Hem Shankar Yadav, Canopy Excellence Scholar
Hem Shankar Yadav is a Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-FESSHIP who has recently completed his high school studies from National Integrated College with an interest inclined towards Medical Field. He is originally from Janakpur Sub Metropolitan City, Dhanusha. After his father’s death that took place when he was only eight years old,  he is survived by a single mother and two siblings in Janakpur. After his father’s death, Hem and his family faced economic crises and issues in the family. Then, Hem’s mother was suggested to send him to his studies in Kathmandu by the neighbors that would keep him far from the economic pressure and familial disturbances. Following their advice, Hem’s mother finally sent Hem to Kathmandu for his further studies and was brought up at Nepal Dalit Mahila Uthan Kendra Orphanage, which supports deprived and ingenious children till their secondary level studies. 

Hem with other Canopy scholars after the internal Futsal Program 
Hem’s life changed after he was sent to Nepal Dalit Mahila Uthan Kendra. Although his life was hard there, especially because of him requiring to work for his dinner and criticisms particularly related to his life and education, Hem managed to complete his secondary education from Valley Public School with a good score. After completing his secondary schooling, he graduated from the orphanage services and decided to consult his problem with Friends of Nepal Adelaide Inc. (FONAI), a group of social workers, working voluntarily in the foster organization. With FONAI agreeing to support him for his living and education, Hem finally decided to join National Integrated College for his high school studies with a focal person who was based in Nepal under the scholarship provided by FONAI.

Hem during a first aid workshop organized by scholarship team
Intending to expand the organization and to systematize the scholarship, Canopy Nepal was formally announced as an implementing partner of FONAI run Educational Scholarship Program, commonly known as FONAI Educational Scholarship Program (FESSHIP) in 2018, one year after Hem was selected as a scholar. After the formation of FESSHIP, Hem realized the positive changes and efficiency in the implementation of the program.  Unlike before, the tension for timely payments of college fees has reduced and Hem, himself has realized, the shift of focus from financial aspects of life towards greater academic achievements. Adding on, the skill-based workshops and training sessions provided by the scholarship team that includes, email etiquette, basic first aid training, Internet of Things (IoT) & Networking, Emotional Intelligence, and Leadership Skills have enabled their overall growth,  have provided them proper exposure, knowledge, confidence and motivation to strive for greater success in the upcoming days.

FESSHIP scholars after an event 
Thanking FESSHIP, Hem said, “FESSHIP has been a family for me without FESSHIP it would have been very difficult and I wouldn’t have been in this place today. The support and guidance have uplifted me so much. Being a scholar of FESSHIP I have seen many changes in myself, I have been getting exposure, knowledge, confidence, ideas which have been very helpful for me.” This has motivated the Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholarship- FESSHIP team to strive for ensuring better accessibility for students like these in the near future. 

(Based on a conversation with Hem after his consent for publish of this post)

Written By: Anjali Maharjan (Canopy Nepal) 
Edited By: Pransu Khakurel (Canopy Nepal)

Anjali is a Junior Program Assistant at Canopy Nepal, where she is providing her assistance in ensuring better education accessibility to the students pursuing their high school and undergraduate level studies. Apart from this, she is also undertaking her undergraduate level studies majoring in Social Work and Rural Development at Thames International College, Battisputali.

Canopy Nepal, with a team of enthusiastic youths, is providing scholarships, interactive sessions and workshops to improve the education system, little by little. The solutions provided by the experts are always implemented in our programs in ways that fit them best. 



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