The Stranger - Binu Tamang, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar, CANSHIP

The Stranger - Binu Tamang, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar, CANSHIP

Stranger, Picture Courtesy: KidsTimes
One day, on the way back home, I noticed a stranger, who was odd wearing a suit and was staring at me. The next day, I came across the same stranger in the same place wearing the exact same clothes as that of the previous day. This continued for a week and then he came to me still keeping quiet for a while. As he kept quiet, I was scared and my heart was pumping at a high speed. After some time, he broke his silence and told me that I look like his daughter. I gave him a glance and I was surprised. When I heard this, I thought he had been talking nonsense or might be having a mental disorder so I smiled without giving him a clue. Then he put his hand in his pocket and withdrew a photograph and showed it to me. I gave the photo a glance and got lost in my own thoughts for a moment. This is because the girl in the photo was exactly like me. He told me that the girl in the photo was his daughter. He had come to the town for some important work and happened to see me. When he saw me for the first time, he was confused with his daughter and got to know she was in the village. He explained everything. I was just listening to him with my eyes wide open. He also said, he had some work regularly at the same place so he used to wait for the bus almost every day. While waiting he used to stare at me. After listening to his story, I felt shocked and miserable at the same time. I used to listen to the people saying there exist seven people in the world with similar appearance. I found it right when I talked to the stranger. After that conversation, we had coffee together and bid farewell to each other. 

Thanks to the stranger I met that day because I got to open up the mystery of my life that was scaring me earlier. It also shows our life is full of mystery and to know and experience such things its essential for us to take a step and be courageous. We can be successful after taking only after experiencing every case of our life. 

Author: Binu Tamang (Canopy Nepal)

Binu Tamang is a Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar- CANSHIP, studying in Guheshwari Boarding High School.

Canopy Nepal is a team of visionary youths working in the field of education, skill and leadership development, diversity, and inclusion. Canopy Nepal works in collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations to achieve the targets of empowering the organizations’ beneficiaries with skills they need to bring about positive change in the community. Canopy Nepal aims at creating an environment where individuals have a choice to equip themselves with skills and abilities of lifetime importance. The organization intends to promote intercultural understanding among diverse groups by means of various programs



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