Institute of Innovation and Quality Assurance (IIQA)

Institute of Innovation and Quality Assurance (IIQA)

Institute of Innovation and Quality Assurance (IIQA) is one of the renowned organizations in Nepal for supporting organizations to ensure quality in their products, services, process, and systems. Since 2010, IIQA has been active in certification, auditing, implementation, training, consulting, innovation, third-party inspection, and more. They collectively aim to promote and practice internationally recognized practices for quality and innovation, enabling organizations to implement quality standards in Nepal.

IIQA  has been providing accredited Third-party Assessment, Registration & Certification services of Quality Management System (ISO 9001: 2015), Environmental Management System (ISO14001:2015), Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS 18001:2007/ ISO 45001:2018),  Medical Devices- Quality Management Systems (ISO 14385:2016), 27001:2013 – Information Security Management systems and ISO 22001:2018- Food Safety Management Systems, etc. For the Third-party certification of various ISO standards, IIQA is working as a Nepal Representative of MOODY Inspection and Assurance Ltd. Moody Inspection and Assurance Ltd is a leading provider of assessment, inspection, certification, and training. MOODY is accredited by multiple International accreditation bodies around the world & managed by highly dedicated & experienced professionals delivering high-quality services to help clients meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection, and social responsibility. 

IIQA believes that the establishment of a Quality Management System in an organization helps the organization to develop overall performance indicators and use them as benchmarks for monitoring and improving performance by unearthing hidden problems. Further development of a continual improvement culture will generate additional benefits coming out of implementing a Quality Management System. The process approach of the Quality Management System will help to organize and plan the work of the organization as a series of interrelated interacting activities and achieve systematically. Developing Documented Procedures is an important tool for reducing process variability that forces people to think critically about their actions. 

The Institute of Innovation and Quality Assurance on the behalf of Moody Inspection and Assurance has been conducting different ISO Certification processes in Nepal. IIQA recently conducted a certification audit of Just Nepal Foundation and provided them with ISO 9001 certification leading them to be the first NGO in Nepal to get certified under this standard in Nepal. 

IIQA has been facilitating various training sessions to bring more insights on ISO Standards in Nepal together with different expertise recognized nationally and globally. IIQA provides a three-day intensive training program on Environmental Assessment concerning EPA 2076 and EPR 2077. Environmental Assessment is an important tool to inform decision-makers, regulators, and stakeholders, about the possible environmental, social, and economic costs of the proposed project, to be effective, it requires the active involvement of all concerned stakeholders. IIQA believes that there is a genuine need to develop the capacity of all concerned stakeholders including regulators to screen and scope the EA process, conduct transparent public consultations, and evaluate the EA reports. The session remained very informative with great insights and higher competency for the sustainability of any sort of project in a holistic manner along with the active participation of the attendee.

The Training on Risk Management Awareness and Implementation in Financial Co-operatives primarily based on ISO 31000 was highly dedicated for all mid-to-advanced managers who implement or maintain management systems that may benefit from understanding how risk can be used as a management tool and how it affects their organization. As a proven methodology, risk management is a systematic framework and process for maximizing those areas where outcomes can be controlled while minimizing those that cannot be predicted and over which control cannot be exercised. The training provided participants with the awareness of the need to start managing the organization’s risks effectively.

International Trade Centre (ITC) has organized a Quality champions program in Nepal to develop a network of quality champions to create a pool of trainers and advisors on quality management, food safety, and market access through compliance with legal and technical requirements of the market.  In this regard, Ms. Enusha Khadka CEO of IIQA had been also selected as Quality champion for various programs and is being trained using the latest tools and techniques for ensuring quality and food safety in a business and implementing quality improvement projects in enterprises, and serving the SMEs of Nepal in long run.

IIQA participated in the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow that started on 31 October 2021. Nearly 200 countries came together in hope of finding a joint answer to the global challenges posed by climate change. As standards are crucial in underpinning the global economy, creating trust in all aspects of international trade is critical. The ISO has several standards that are essential in supporting the climate agenda, helping in the adaptation of climate change, quantifying GHG emissions, and promoting the dissemination of good practices in environmental management. IIQA's CEO, Ms.Khadka attended the event and shared how ISO had committed to combat climate change through standards to achieve the climate agenda by 2050 and about the London Declaration.
IIQA also provides quality, independent and impartial inspection services to ensure that the compliance of your product is as per specification, standards, customer’s expectations, International codes, environmental and social norms. Under these services, IIQA is serving as an inspection partner for various Import companies of the USA and Europe, Korea who are importing handicrafts, pashmina products from Nepal. Besides this, the company also access the quality of imported goods to Nepal.

International Organization of Standardization (ISO) is globally renowned for producing a proven global benchmark of standardization. IIQA has strong competency in improving the quality of academic institutes such as schools, colleges, training centers, etc. It provides training on various themes of quality management appropriate to the academic institutes and also supports such organizations on getting ISO certification. IIQA helps them to get ISO 21001 certification which specifies requirements for a management system for educational organizations (EOMS). Implementing an EOMS and becoming ISO 21001:2018 certified will enable your organization to:
  • Increase value for learners and other beneficiaries
  • Increase its ability to respond to the demands of interested parties
  • Increase the satisfaction of learners and other beneficiaries
  • Enhance its reputation
  • Improve learner motivation and engagement
  • Improve the acquisition and development of competences
  • Widen access to education for learners with different learning styles, with different needs, and from different backgrounds
  • Enhance learner personal development, initiatives, and creativity

Prepared by: Swikriti Parajuli

I’m a student and I believe in learning and sharing. Besides community development, I’m passionate about arts, music, and sports. 



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