Vote for Shiva Community Forest

Vote for Shiva Community Forest

One Nepali projects,
Shiv Community Forest, has been shortlisted for the BBC World Challenge and voting is now on to select the final winner. The winner is awarded a prize of $20,000 which will be very beneficial for the people of Shiv Community Forest to continue with their efforts in conserving biodiversity and improving their personal well-being.

Do help by voting.
The Shiva Community Forest lies in the Khata corridor - a stretch of forest connecting Bardia National Park in Nepal and Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in India. Both protected areas are home to endangered species including tigers, Asian elephants and the Asian rhino. Local people have to contend with crop destruction by these wild species. Now, Shiv Forestry has found a non-lethal way to keep rhinos away from farms - planting chamomile and mint. Rhinos hate the smell of these pungent plants, which are also good cash crops for rural communities - especially when marketed by Shiv Forestry as wildlife-saving products.--via world challenge



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