The Amazing Underdog -Sohan Adhikari, Bhanubhakta Memorial Higher Secondary School

The Amazing Underdog -Sohan Adhikari, Bhanubhakta Memorial Higher Secondary School

Sohan with his facilitator Sanskar during Katha Bunau Session
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A boy named Deku was born on the 19th of September in the year 685. He was a heart cancer patient since birth but he had a legendary element within him which was a mystery to the world.
Deku was very intelligent but physically weak. He was being treated for heart cancer but it was unhealable. His family became poor as most of their money was spent on Deku’s treatment. His family did not have a house and were broke. Deku’s family left him alone as they thought of him as trouble. As he was physically weak, everybody called him Deku weakling. It became his nickname. One day, Bill Gates, the richest man on earth, adopted Deku. Bill Gates soon found that Deku had cancer. 

“Deku, why did you not tell me that you have cancer?” asked Bill Gates.

Deku nervously implied, “I thought you would leave me ifI  told you that I had cancer”.

“Why did you think that I would do that?” asked Bill Gates.

“Because my parents left me for that reason.”

“Don't worry. I will give you a regeneration therapy and you will be fine.” Gates assured his adopted son.

Deku agreed.

Four year later, after Deku had recovered, he left to train as he was very weak physically after having gained the permission of Bill gates. 

“Dad I will leave to train and become stronger,” said Deku.

“Okay Deku,” said Bill gates.

Deku was training by himself for some months until he saw a huge tower.
“What’s that tower? Maybe I should climb it,” Deku thought. However, he  couldn't climb it on his first try. 

“Common! That’s too hard. I think I should first train a bit more and climb that,” he encouraged himself to train more.

“This time I am gonna climb it,” he resolved. And after 2 days of climbing, he reached the top.

“Come on! All this climb should not be for nothing,” thought Deku as he reached the top. But his train of thought was disrupted when he heard a mysterious voice from a huge chamber, “Welcome weakling! Or should I say Deku?”

Unable to locate the source of the sound, Deku shouted, “Who are you and how do you know my name? I didn't even tell you,” 
“Boy, I am Kami, the guardian of the earth. And you are the reincarnation of the legendary Yamato. He was a legendary fighter,” said Kami.
Deku questioned him in disbelief, “And why should I believe you?” 
“Because I know all about you. Your parents left you because you had cancer. Do you need any other proof?” asked Kami.
“No, I do not need anymore,” said Deku, his voice laced with nervousness and having no idea what to expect further.
In an evil tone, Kami demanded, “Deku, I think I want your life,” 
“Kami, are you serious?” replied Deku nervously, his voice cracking.
Just then a voice inside Deku’s head informed him,“Deku! Deku! Kami is an imposter. He sealed me inside you.”
“Who are you?” asked Deku to the voice inside his head.
“I am Yamato, the legendary fighter,” said Yamato. “ now hurry up and use my power which is inside you.”
“Okay.” Deku agreed, still very confused.
Deku could now magically manipulate energy to different shapes and attack foes.
Filled with intent to kill the boy,Kami attacked Deku.

As the battle began, Deku utilized the power of Yamato to be equal with Kami. Since Kami was a skilled fighter, while their battle was going on, it sent out a huge shock that shook the world. The media came to observe and report what was happening. They recorded the whole fight where Deku and Yamato fused in order to beat Kami. 
Kami was, at last, killed.
Everybody in the world came to know about the fight. They named the newly formed fusion of Deku and Yamato: the amazing underdog.

Written By: Sohan Adhikari (Katha Bunaun-V)
Facilitators: Monal Bhattarai and Sanskar Shrestha

Sohan is a sixth grader studying in Bhanubhakta Memorial Higher Secondary School and is a participant of Katha Bunaun V organized by Canopy Nepal in his school.


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