VOTE for Avishek Shrestha at YOUNGO Global South Focal Point

VOTE for Avishek Shrestha at YOUNGO Global South Focal Point

YOUNGO Focal Point Voting 2011-2012
Global South Applicant

Full Name: Abhishek Shrestha (Avi)
Nationality: Nepali
Age: 25
Gender: M
Skype ID: avishk27

His previous experience with COP processes and the UNFCCC Secretariat:

Attended the COP 15, COP 16 and Bangkok and Barcelona Intersessions in 2009 and is attending COP 17.

Experiencing working with UNFCCC Secretariat: Communicating with secretariat related to YOUNGO interactive room at COP 17 along with few other members of BL team.

His unique skills and experience that makes him a good YOUNGO focal point:

As a person who's deeply passionate about Environmental Conservation, and who takes great interest in learning about and working on Environmental Policy, I believe I would make a good YOUNGO focal point. While working as a National Coordinator of the youth climate coalition in Nepal, I have seen what impact climate change can have in the vulnerable communities. Working as the Communications Officer for South Asian Youth Summit on Climate
Change in 2009, I was a part of an amazing group of young people from this region and worked to consolidate a single voice and bring it to the world leaders in COP15, Copenhagen. Since then, I have been working very closely with YOUNGO, as a Bottom liner and I also the Delegations Coordinator for all youth delegations at COP16. I have worked together with the previous Focal Points in various occasions and I consider myself well-versed with the UNFCCC procedures.


For Organizational Voters :

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