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Gazaab Social Ventures

The Gazaab Social Ventures Business plan competition is a 5-day workshop designed to help anyone with the passion and motivation to succeed as social entrepreneurs. Over the 5-day program, participants will get to interact with local successful entrepreneurs who have made it from humble beginnings, be equipped with essential entrepreneurial skills, interact with fellow participants who share the same goals and be empowered with tools and resources including funding to start their own business.

We are looking for passionate, motivated and committed individuals who want to change the state of their lives, the state of their society and help the world become a better place. Winners of the competition would be funded by Gazaab Social Ventures with an investment of up to 500,000NPRs.

Place: Kathmandu, Prime College, Naya bazaar, Khusibu (New Building) 
Date: 2nd – 6th July 2012                         Time: 9am-6pm

- Nepali Citizen - Preferably live within 1 hours drive from Kathmandu - Able to commit to all timings and requirements of the competition - Have passion for social entrepreneurship

Participating local entrepreneurs
Throughout the course of the competition you will have the opportunity to connect with prominent local Nepalese entrepreneurs whose valuable experiences will be essential to the growth and validation of your businesses. If they are aptly impressed by your passion and idea, they might just become your personal mentor!
• Chandra Tiwari
Chandra Tiwari is a self made entrepreneur who founded Nina and Hager 15 years ago in Nepal’s meat processing industry. Under his leadership and passion, Nina and Hager is a household name recognized globally as a leader in the industry delivering quality products.
• Sonam Sherpa
Sonam Sherpa, recognized as one of Nepal’s most successful and important entrepreneurs today is the current Managing Director at Thamserku Trekking, Executive Chairman at Yeti airlines and Managing Director of Yeti Mountain Home. Also a self made man, the story of his rise in the tourism industry will inspire any aspiring entrepreneur to battle all odds to chase one’s dreams.
• Ramyata Limbu
Ramyata Limbu, a prominent Nepali journalist has for the past 15 years worked in numerous leading publications in Nepal. She is active in the socio economic development of the country and is currently working with the United Nations Mission in Nepal.

Business Help Gazaab Social Ventures is here to help you become the success you deserve to be. Therefore, we will be providing business consultants to help you refine your ideas and create a comprehensive business plan to help you get started on your entrepreneurial journey. There will be a lot of opportunity to interact with our business consultants throughout the competition.
The winners of the competition will also be paired with a business consultant who will be there to help with the execution of the business plan and link you up to essential networks if need be.
Funding Winning entrepreneurs of this competition will receive an investment not exceeding 500,000NPRs depending on the business needs. This funds will be given in exchange for a share of the business started by the entrepreneur. The resulting business would be co-owned by both the entrepreneur and Gazaab Social Ventures. An ownership percentage would be calculated based on a formula for the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur full rights to accept or decline the proposal. Once proposal is accepted, Gazaab Social Ventures would be an official equity partner and co-owner of the resulting business, and is entitled to a percentage of the profits and liquidation value of the business which will be negotiated at the start of the deal.

Knowledge In the course of the competition, all participants would have a chance to learn about basic business concepts including the following: • Marketing (How to differentiate your product/service, how to let your customers know about you, how to advertise, how to handle promotions, how to price your product, how to create a distribution chain)
• Financials (How to determine if a new business is profitable, how to account for profit and loss, how does investments work, basic accounting)
 • Business plan writing (How to plan for the future of your business, how to write a business plan)
• Presentation skills (How to pitch the idea of your business to other people, how to be effective presenters, what information you should include, how do you get to people)
 • Be introduced to cutting-edge technologies that you can leverage on to heolp solve your community’s problems. These can include water filters, solar power, bio gas units and other proven technologies in similar markets.

Application All applications would have to be submitted through this form. Organizations are encouraged to help your members in submitting this form.

Please contact Anupama at or 9818705185 if you have any enquiries or need help filling in the application form.

Deadline for applications would be on the 24th of June.
 All selected participants would be announced and contacted by 28th of June via phone.



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