Char Chokka Hoi Hoi - ICC WT20 Bangladesh 2014 Official Theme Song

Char Chokka Hoi Hoi - ICC WT20 Bangladesh 2014 Official Theme Song

+ICC Cricket World Cup WT20 for Nepal has indeed been a great time and possibly a big leap as well. In recent interviews with the team for various media - its all the players wish is keep supporting and loving together with all your prayers. Nepali Cricketers are now at Pan Pacific Hotel Sonargaon, Dhaka. The first match is on the festive day itself on Holi - Sunday, March 16, 7:15 PM  at Chittagong Divisional Stadium, Chittagong. Do share your best wishes to the on ICC website Nepal section and on the official social media channel 

Let's talk about the ICC World Cup T20 Official Song -

For 33 year old multi talented Fuad Al Muqtadir doing a music for +ICC Cricket World Cup  #WT20 theme song possibly was possibly an interesting one too and same for lyricists Anam Biswas and Refayat Ahmed with "Char Chokka Hoi Hoi " performed by Dilshad Karim Elita, Badhon Sarkar Puja, Dilshad Nahar Kona, Pantha Konai, Tanvir Al-huda, Kaushik Hossain Taposh, Sanvir Huda Shanto and Johan Alamgir. 

 With world's attention at Bangladesh 2014 for the ICC WT20, the official theme song in Bangla and English charges up with its South Asian beats. 

Char Chokka Hoi Hoi Lyrics -

Tin Ghontar Action Sixteen Sixteen
Cricket Crazy Nesha How Is Exiting
Stadium Waiting, Tension Tension
Dhing Dhitang, Dhing-Dhing..

Dhing Dhing, Dhing Dhing..

Char Chokkha Hoi Hoi,
Ball Goraiya Gelo Koi.. (x4)

English translation of the Char Chokka Hoi Hoi -

The Three Hour Action, Sixteen Sixteen,
Cricket-Crazy Nations, How Exciting,
Stadium Waiting, Tension Tension..

Dhitam-Dhim.. Dhim Dhim.. (repeats)

Where The Ball Could Roll Four Sixes Hai.. (x4)

Blockbuster Cup Waiting Waiting Cup,
Rocking Stadium Shouting Bombastic,
No More Tiyarim Everybody Hearing,
There Is No Limit To Fight Jamabe Byate Pleasure..

The Game World Will Look The Same With Everyone,
There Is Not That There Is No Barrier,
Whatever Ahead,
All Come With The Victory Of The People's Republic Urai..

Dhitam-Dhim.. Dhim Dhim.. (repeats)

Where The Ball Could Roll Four Sixes Hai.. (x4)

Byate Rivalries Will Be All Over,
Lose Wins Pep Sharing All The Unpleasantness,
Rules That Block Buster,
Ever Seen One Before,
Bangladesh Saw The Wonders Of My World..

Where The Ball Could Roll Four Sixes Hai.. (x4)

Fuad Al Muktadir says -
“I wanted to make a song that really captures the mindset of cricket fans as they watch a game charged with adrenaline. During the making of the song it was really hard for us to stay in our seats, because it turned out to be so rhythmic and energetic. I hope listeners will feel the same way when they hear it” 

While the music video for the theme song has also been aired directed by Ashiqur Rahman. The music video gives the feeling of Bangladesh welcoming all the cricket lovers to ICC World Twenty20 Bangladesh, 2014. He shares
“Everyone, from the farmer working in his field to the urban man in his office loves, and is eagerly waiting for, the festival of cricket. Cricket unites the whole nation. During the excitement of a cricket match people forget all their worries and differences and rejoice in victories and triumphs "

All three host cities Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet are set for the ICC WT20 and also the students from universities are performing flash mobs together with promoting the song among the young and adults in Bangladesh. 

The winning video to be declared on 12th March, 2014 will then be shown on all the tournaments as well. 

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