Share Your Story

Share Your Story

Freedom is to be able to express the thoughts that linger in your mind. But how far do the ripples of your thoughts flow? To how many souls do your feelings and your words reach? How many minds do you want to tell your stories to? May be a million?

In first of its kind events to build a closely-knit community of writers and readers, TalEx is organizing a bloggers meet in Hyderabad which will showcase young authors like Harsh Snehanshu, Sagarika Chakraborty, Anuradha Goyal and N. Nivedita. 

Harsh Snehanshu: Author of two bestsellers, ‘Ouch that hurts’ and ‘Oops I fell in Love’ and Co-founder of
Sagarika Chakraborty: Author of 'A Calendar Too Crowded' a collection of 25 short stories and poems on a woman's life, she writes articles concerning women and children and disparities that surround them. She is a graduate from National law university, Jodhpur and currently pursuing her Masters from ISB, Hyderabad.

Anuradha Goyal: Travel writer and Innovation consultant. Her blog ‘Anuradha Goyal Travels’ has been rated as one of the 50 best blogs on travel around the world and it constantly features in the best blog lists of India.

N. Nivedita: Co-Author of ‘Ah! Poetry’; a collection of poems by ambitious poets on social network and a collection of short stories 'Anthologies’

Starting as a blogger who constructs thoughts and writes small-stories, quotes and poems, these writers eventually turned into the authors of bestselling books and today they have a strong reader base. Their passion compelled them to choose writing as a full time profession which requires a lot of courage, creativity and determination.

The 3 hour event will not only expose the aspiring writers to the personal journey of each of these authors but also enable them to meet and interact with the writers’ community who share the passion of writing with you.  For aspiring novelists, writers and poets, the talk will also be followed by a panel discussion through which they can get advice or ask any specific questions that are bugging their creative minds.
The event aims to nurture and build a community of creative writers who can meet and share their rich experiences with the likeminded people.

At Beyond Coffee
Date:  4th April-2012
Time : 5.00PM - 8.00PM.

Register for free for the event here



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