The Words For Mine Angel Whom I Love So

The Words For Mine Angel Whom I Love So

The Words For Mine Angel Whom I Love So

Thou I may give the gift of mine love unto thee thou it may not be of worth to one such as thee,
Whose beauty doth surpass the glimmering stars within the heavenly skies,
As angel’s eyes doth thy have to gaze upon the world in beauty so,
And as thy smile tis more, brighter still than the rays of the sun,
Still thou art an angelic beauty of above so,
Whose beauty tis a wonder unto all of the, world now known,
As never hath, I gazed upon a beauty such as thee mine fairest maiden,
Until the first moment thy angelic presence graced mine eyes vision,
For twas within that moment my dear maiden of the stars,
I looked upon an angel of such perfection and beauty,
That mine breath did slow and my heart did but almost come to stop in its very beating,
Breathless, flawless, unknowingly beautiful unto the eye’s gaze,
A beauty so in such a way as to steal away the heart forevermore,
And leave a soul most yearning for thy precious company and thy softened voice so,
Whilst holding thee just gazing upon thy beautiful gems which art thine most gorgeous eyes,
That art the very stars of the angel of above which I look upon as my heaven so wondrous, and so beautiful,
Or ever dare dream of holding one of beauty such as thee softly within mine arms,
While whispering sweet words of love into the ears of an angel such as thee my maiden of the stars,
For the greatest moments in passing are but merely the ones mine dear angel,
Where one may but love and adore one such as thee my precious beautiful angel of above,
In just being the one angel of the heavens above,
Whose beauty tis so much in such perfection,
That she shalt be the one angel whom shall own the very love and very beating of mine heart,
In all of the moments in which I love her for just being the angel of perfection who tis the one I shall love from this day unto time to come unto but us all..

By: Misbah Ashraf

©Copyright 2012 Misbah Ashraf. All Rights Reserved.



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