Weird but sadly the fact :(-I miss my mother's womb

Weird but sadly the fact :(-I miss my mother's womb

( You might find it way to long but I would appreciate if you would at least read it out sparing few minutes of your precious time )

Dear all how are you all???
Well I am not glad to say that I am not doing well…. Lets me begin with the saying that “Everything has its limit”…limit of laughing ,crying, studying,playing,using net ,watching tv,having fun and also of bothering and disturbing others… >_<  oh yes I am talking about the policy of "Live and Let Live"
I live in a very nice and comfortable area of Lalitpur-Pulchowk…but sadly the fact that “sound” can travel has almost ruined my life….My colony has very best people settled in it. They all are helpful ,understanding and caring but unfortunately my neighborhood has morons and insensible people piled up in it…

I belong to 21st century, I get it !!,but that does not mean that anyone can snatch away my right to live in peace, right? Few years back going up in the terrace and watching the panoramic view of hills and mountains during the evening  used to be the best part of my day but sadly that routine has been cut off and all for one reason-those views has been blocked by tall and bleak buildings, looking at which I feel as if a ghost is standing right in from of me….I hope ‘Darahara’ won’t lose its essence….
Well that’s not the only thing that is missing from my routine.Evening used to be the time for  mediation for me as well but now when I close my eyes tears flows down my eyes because like I had mentioned earlier the fact that ‘sound can travel ‘has ruined my life....its feels as if someone is piercing thousand of those sharp thorns into my head and that is exactly when you can come and see the devil bursting out in rage….Restaurants are piling up . Ok! I understand that entertainment has become the basic need of today’s hi-fi society but that does not mean at all that even I have to move with flow .I have my own ways of entertaining myself…
Friday-the day which is supposed to be the peaceful day for everyone to spend time with family members and relax is completely disturbed with the noises that come from restaurants…
Earlier one kind of music coming from one restaurant was at least tolerable ….though it did make us furious at times we could still at least understand that it was new year or X-mas but different music coming from 4 different corners , now, how can I tolerate that? Don’t think I didn’t try. I did .Did till now but now I have finally come to the conclusion  that they (the restaurants ) are simply crossing their limit and devastating my personal and peaceful life…
I move to one room—noise…tried mom’s room-noise…went to sitting room-noise and you might tell what about your room? Well….don’t mention that..its the target of MISSION NOISE!!
You might say-then do something! I did, did all that I could. Poked in and earphone-no use, poked in cotton-no use again. My uncle even complained to the police but alas!! the next day the police himself was found moving his head and tapping his feet holding a glass of wine in one of the restaurant. In simple words he was bribed, and since then the matter had a full-stop in it. 
I just now heard a man in the loud speaker  say-“Shrima happy birthday ..Isn’t she looking beautiful?”..Duh!! Why on earth would I care whether it’s her birthday or not, whether she is pretty or not. It is not my concern at all!!

You might say then shift, move out of that area. But how can I ? It is not that easy at all. I don’t earn and where will I go if I just move out??

Barbarian society is soon going to rust every bits of my grey cells…The people in my colony don’t say a word .Why would they? They all are old and they don’t have to study for they don’t have the board exams coming up. But I have.!! I have to study ,the bitter reality is -I have to still study.
Now think of this series of consequences….Noise-I m not able to study-Exam-Fail-Scolding-Embarrassment-Depression-Suicide  >_<   and even my soul will not rest in peace after that. How can it? I won’t rest in peace till my desires and wishes are fulfilled sad !!(ok I might have exaggerated the situation but the consequences is going to be bad anyways) . I am not telling them to stop what they are doing completely; just asking them to live and let me live .They can just do without loud speakers right?
I wish I could return back to my mother’s womb. There is peace in there at least.
Funny but true---I have a paper to write on Sunday, but I am writing this piece of article .I am not regretting it for if I won’t take the initiation who will? , and yes the loud noise out there wont let me study right now anyways .And yes that means wait for the clock to strike 11 or 12 probably and then wake up the entire night and study and what after that?-WEAKNESS AND DARK CIRCLES 
You might tell me why posting it on fb rather go out there and doing something?..Well I can’t just step out..I need a mass to support me, and you all out there, reading the grief-stricken words from a girl –that is me ,are someone on whom I can rely upon.
Youths please stand up and save from the creative brains ,which can built the nation for tomorrow from being shrunk from the pressure of the noise pollution..
Common Youth please Stand up :’(

Aishwarya Rani Singh  loves to share her opinion on the everyday's life but she always come up with some special issues that we actually are facing it everyday but we rarely act on it. 


Seeker aka dDvilKing said...

Where is it Exactly that u live in??? I think I can help in dis CAse.

Seeker aka dDvilKing said...

Where is it exactly that you live at??? I think I can Manage dis situation without creating a fuss.
Kriti Singh

Aishwarya Rani Singh said...

thank u so much for reading the post and leaving out the comment ..:) your act is truly appreciated ...I live in St.Mary's road which is also referred to as Mini Jhamel ..
P.S sorry for the late reply


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