Annapurna Region for Mountain Biking

Annapurna Region for Mountain Biking

Once again Hi all!!! OMG been very busy! I had prepared this write-up some days earlier but got to upload just now. Anyways, I hope all you readers are doing well and timely going through the blog of View Your Choice.

This time, I thought a lottttttt on what topic to write this blog on. Varieties of options whirled around my head; I swear! Sometimes in our life, such happens that what one is searching is right ahead of them and they don’t or can’t recognize it. A same little of true story of mine too!
I have been working on promoting the tour of the Himalayas through a leading travel company. And while I was reading about mountain biking thing at Annapurna region, I thought it would greatly interest you guys. I believe I am not wrong if I say that some of you may be interested in mountain biking. But only a few of us may know that the Annapurna region is the best of its kind for mountain biking in Nepal.

Annapurna- Brief
Let me introduce Annapurna first off. Annapurna is a Himalayan section that lies in north central Nepal. This consists of Annapurna I, standing 8,901 meters (26,545) feet above the sea level and ranking tenth in the world. If you’re a lover of mountain biking, your experiences around Annapurna will be much challenging, adventurous and memorable. 

The Trip
This extraordinary trip takes you to some of the most stunning and exotic biking routes in Nepal. Annapurna Circuit mountain biking tour passes through a variety of different landscapes, from lush sub-tropical rainforest, deep valleys and cultivated fields, to wooded alpine and high deserts. One gets to visit many different villages, meeting the local hill tribes and enjoying frequent spectacular views of massive Himalayan peaks, including the Annapurnas and Manaslu. We reach the lowland villages, dense oak forests, deep gorges and lovely isolated hamlets to the lap of the mighty high mountains and the Tilicho Lake - one of the highest altitude fresh water lakes. To top it all, the crossing of the Thorung La pass (5,416m) is a challenging ascend, surrounded by some of the most magnificent mountain sceneries in the world.

Take a look at a couple of pictures on the way of the mountain biking trip to Annapurna region: 

I am 100% sure that those who are familiar with mountain biking must have been imagining these experiences and those who don't think that mountain biking is their cup of tea must have been thinking somewhere in their mind that they should have learnt it.

Are you ready?
As demanding the rugged terrain and technical tracks are, this trip is designed for the more experienced riders, and not recommended for beginners. It will be grueling but surely worth every drop of sweat.

At Last
So people, I definitely hope that some of you are all pumped up to plan the trip with those goosebumps. Well for me, I would love to do mountain biking but for now I a just with my dream of visiting Annapurna Base Camp. If you’re adventurous, a lover of mountain biking, have friends willing to go to Annapurna areas, health to assure your well stay at the Himalayan region and yesss some bucks ready, then Annapurna region and people on its way welcome you…

Will be back in action again :-)

Nikesh is a world record winner for memorizing capitals of 215 countries and reciting/writing the US States the fastest with respective capitals. He is the first Nepali to make it to the very popular US based world record site RecordSetter.

He has been a freelance writer and UN Volunteer too. Apart from promoting the tour to the Himalayas, he also works as the Communications Officer at an NGO named Sambhav Nepal Foundation


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