My views on the short movie: Democracy is black

My views on the short movie: Democracy is black

Backed up by a powerful beat of music, it started out. I watched eagerly, for I had heard great things about this 1:30 minutes short film. DEMOCRACY; such a strong word, from the time I was a small kid to this very moment I've heard this word. I've heard this word make an impact on people, I've heard this word make people smile, make people frown and even make people cry. Yes, the word indeed is a powerful word.
Simply putting it, the film reflected what many people thought about the word itself. It didn’t just point out the perception of a single person.  The perception of a father who thinks that democracy is freedom differs from the perception of a son who thinks democracy is unity. The thoughts vary from a person to person, and that is what the film was for me. It was a mirror that reflected how we people perceive the word democracy.
Though the image or the color may differ from one person to another, we also have to think that these colors come from the same platter.  An artist creates a beautiful portrait by the mixture of different colors and it’s the same with democracy as well. Democracy is freedom, democracy is unity, democracy is peace, democracy is love and democracy is power as well but most of all democracy is a beautiful portrait made from all these things. Sometimes it may portray immense happiness and sometimes it may portray sadness. Sometimes it may turn out to be a beautifully painted portrait of a beautiful maiden and sometimes it may turn out to be a beautifully painted portrait of an ugly maiden.
And for me, that is what the film is telling to us. It is telling us the way we can perceive the same thing in many different ways. I see now why many people recommended that I watch this clip. I see now why it was one of the winners of democracy video challenge. Couldn't be a better way.

Supriya Tamang is a high school graduate from Glacier International College. She is a budding writer and mostly writes about the things she observes in her daily life. She likes to write about the small things which makes a huge impact on all of our lives.


Saif said...

The music, and its simplicity, makes it Rock!!

roshankaucha said...

So democracy is a challenge.


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