HIGHWAY - Creating hopes for aspiring film makers

HIGHWAY - Creating hopes for aspiring film makers

Many of us wannabe film makers had been in doubt whether to pursue film making as a career. In a country like ours, where one has to think a thousand times before choosing any career, film making has been one of the riskiest investment to make. Reasons are many but the greatest of all,  so called " Very Small Market".

Being selected in "Berlin film festival" is no doubt a great matter of pride for all of us. But in addition to this, there are lots of positive impact brought upon by this film in our mind. It has opened a whole new door for Nepali films and broadened the horizon of thinking of the young generation of film makers.

It has taught us that our own original stories and original style of film making can not only make a mark upon Nepal but even the international community, thus inspiring us to stay original and collect guts to target a bigger market.

I would deeply express my gratitude to the entire highway team for creating hopes and wish them all the best for their successful screening in Nepal. Highway;  the Highest way.

Navin Awal is from Silhouette Media where they believe in Art cannot be sold, it sells you instead.... .Along with that Navin is the Director and Producer of one of the very highlighted short film 1 PERCENT. He too has conceptualized and started with actorsbase.com which is planned to be launched soon which is said to be The First Web Portal for Actors.



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