Mitti Ke Rang - Our Representative's insight into the Social Enterprise

Mitti Ke Rang - Our Representative's insight into the Social Enterprise


Our representative from Bangladesh - Arnika Ferdous Bristi, shares her experience and views on working with Mitti Ke Rang and the importance about the Advocacy of Widow's Empowerment.

As very accurately pointed out by Arnika here as well, the fact remains that the awareness around the challenges of widowhood aren't approached enough to resolve sensitively and closely. This ignorance does not just limit aid but also the awareness of if it exists at all or not. Many women seeking support or help often feel clueless about where to go due to this very lack of advocacy, falling prey to the discriminating treatment by society instead. 

Youth truly does hold great power and yes we definitely have our responsibilities towards our society, and hence, Mitti Ke Rang, not only creates a platform to empower women but also unites and brings together the new generation, who contributes greatly in bringing forth change.  

Arnika Ferdous Bristi (Graduate from Begum Rokeya University Department of Public administration in Bangladesh), representative of Mitti Ke Rang in Bangladesh. Arnika is a learner who follows the philosophy, that knowledge is never enough and that it increases with sharing. 



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