My Interpretation Of Book: The Power Of You

My Interpretation Of Book: The Power Of You

"The snow goose need not bath itself to be white and just like that you don’t need to be anybody else but you."
-Lao Tzu
The title says it all. This book isn't about anybody around you, it isn't about anybody else but it is only and truly about you. I strongly suggest you not to be deceived by the small size of the book because the knowledge and the words inside you will find inside this book is greater than any other huge books you may have read.  And the best thing about this book is that you can interpret the words in any way you like for this book is about you. The simple yet powerful words and the lesson presented inside will leave you surprised for a few moments. Why? You may ask me. Well, this book makes you realize the power that is within you; the power you possessed from a long time back that you were unaware of. And then the book will guide you through the process of nurturing this power you posses towards positivity and action.
Written by one of my inspiration Mr. Mike E lily this book is helping me to bring the best out of me. After reading the book for the first time, I asked myself. Am I doing what I am capable of? Am I doing what is best for me? Am I leading my life towards the bright future with positivity or am I dragging myself down with the negative thoughts that come to my mind so often. Yes, this is what the book does to you. It allows you to observe your own life.  It allows you to think about yourself not from the perspective of other people but from your own perspective. And at that exact moment you realize who you are and what you can become. You may not realize everything from the first reading but you will feel a small change within yourself. This small change is the beginning of something new, something wonderful; a beginning of a new you.
I met Mr. Mike in the program inspiration plus and the warmth and the aura of positivity he possessed amazed me. It was only after I read this book that I realized how he has managed to find the sea of positivity within himself. Not only that, he has managed to transform this sea into a flowing river that flows into the heart of people he has met and has inspired. The strength and the determination he has can be seen or read through this book. No matter how much we deny it, we have all in the past looked at other people, envied them and thought to ourselves, what could be there secret? How are they so happy? Well, the secrets out. Thanks to Mr. Mike we all now know the secret of happiness. You don’t have to travel through oceans or seas and you definitely won't have to fight off pirates or villains to get to the treasure of happiness. All you have to do is look, look within you. That’s all you have to do, nothing more nothing less.
Thank you so much Mr. Mike for the lessons you've shared with all of us. Thank you for sharing the secret of happiness with us. Thank you so much for making me realizes that it's ok to be me. And finally thank you so much for being you.

Supriya Tamang is a high school graduate from Glacier International college. She writes about the things she observes in daily life that range from anything to everything.


Gaurav Kandel said...

WOW . an awe-inspiring article need to say, after one reads this will 100% grab Mike's "The Power of You"

Supriya, we would love to read more of your article's

Timothy A. McVey said...

I guess that means you liked it, no? Gracias for your insight into Mike's book. Keep writing. I am paying attention, for you have something to say and I hear you.


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