Ready to Rock? : SongsNepal

Ready to Rock? : SongsNepal

The atmosphere was tense with anticipation and nervousness. Although the day was fading out, there was no lack of enthusiasm from both the audience and the bands. The band members were here to rock and the audience wasn't complaining! And rock, they did!
The Butwal auditions of the SongsNepal XclusiveZ Band Clash started off at 5 pm. in Balmandir, Butwal with the electrifying performance of Lakhe, an ethnic metal band. There were four bands competing for qualification for the finals that will be held in Kathmandu on 29th September. And there was no wonder that the spot in the finals was coveted as the bands competed for it with utmost enthusiasm. At the end of the day, the bands and the crowd were all happy, but it was the ones who qualified who were doubly smiling!

First, let us get on with the details of the SongsNepal XclusiveZ Band Clash. As the name suggests, the band clash is organized by SongsNepal. SongsNepal is a Nepalese Music Video Archive website that aims to provide maximum Videos to the users. It is one of the top online media portals and has a strong fan following in Facebook as well as the website itself. The website is beautifully designed in Web 2.0 and provides an easy user interface. You should visit if you haven't!
SongsNepal organized the Band Clash with the main objective of promoting the Nepali music industry. I believe that is a nice initiative and it is likely to be successful looking at the huge fan base of SongsNepal. The organizers hope that the competition will bring the hidden talents from various cities of Nepal.
"Musicians needs a platform to make their music alive and we give them a platform to give life to their music with this event.", says Adeel Manandhar of SongsNepal.
But wait a minute.. you say! There have been many band challenges in the past such as this one. What's so special about this one? Why should we be interested?
Well, there are lots of reasons to be interested! Here's what Adeel has to say about that, "We have experienced many Band Competitions before but when talking about a National level of Band challenge, I think this is the second one. One thing that sets this competition apart from others is that we are going over various cities of Nepal to collect the bands. People out of valley had not been allowed to participate from their cities before, but this event has solution for that too since we are visiting the major cities of Nepal.
We believe that viewers should be interested as it will exciting since bands from all over Nepal are participating. This creates a diverse selection of bands from all around Nepal which should be  in itself with the people around participating cities. We know still there are listeners who wants too support Nepali music scene. This Event is a total support event from all the corners."
Although what SongsNepal has initiated is commendable, there have yet been a few concerns from the audience regarding the Band Clash. To this, Adeel says, "Organizing a Band Competition is really a tough thing to do. But judging seems to be the toughest part here. There is a lose and a win story every time with every competition but trust us, we are trying to get the best band out of this event. Also, being in a band is not only about winning, it is about passion for music and the art on stage. We have planned a best judgement way so that we have less complaints from the audience."
So, SongsNepal XclusiveZ Band Clash seems cool. Where, when and how can you follow it?
If you reside in one of the five major cities that the competition is covering (Butwal, Narayangarh, Dharan, Pokara, Kathmandu), here are the details:


• Date: 25th August, 2012

• Time: 2pm Onwards
• Venue: Campa Chaur
• Contact Person: Bob Gurung (9818980136)
                        : Robin (9807106782)

Promo Party on 23rd August from 5pm Onwards at Chitrawati Leisure Center


• Date: TBA
• Venue: SabhaGriha
• Contact Person: Issahang Natsu Dragneel (9802792550)
: Devheavendra Chamling (9807065962)


• Date: 8th September, 2012
• Venue: CT Hall
• Contact Person: Sushil Dahal (9841029319)

~ KATHMANDU - (With Grand Final)

• Date: 5th and 6th October
• Venue: Bhrikutimandap
• Contact Person: Kolin Bikram Rana (9841721736)

 If you do not reside in the aforementioned cities, I think this event is so good that you may even travel to the city to attend it! But, for your convenience, SongsNepal posts pictures and videos along with the latest updates in their website and Facebook page. Plus, View Your Choice is always at your service to provide you with the latest updates regarding the Band Clash as well as other cool events!

You can find all the pictures from the Butwal Auditions here

The next SongsNepal XclusiveZ Band Clash auditions will be held in Narayangarh in Champa Chaur.
See you there!



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