International Youth Day 2012 - IYD 2012

International Youth Day 2012 - IYD 2012

Hey all, 

IT's Everyone's day TODAY and its 

With the rising Sun, events across the world have mesmerized our day so far and more to come ahead and the world is full of joy. Nepal has had the same from the East to West and from North to South, almost every youth are celebrating Youth Day on their own way. Here, i am celebrating Youth Day with many events so far. Plans of attending almost all the events have always been there so that we can feature them but you all know time is so short and if you love the time it could be long for you as well. It's happening the same way i have not have my physical presence at some events but have been being updated by our awesome IYD E-Mela Nepal team through the website 

Screen shot of
Along with that, that's the updates rolling on in Nepal and with updates outside Nepal there are almost many websites but i have been preferring the 

On an overall, thousands and thousands of events going around the world for youth and that's amazing for sure. And for sure the interesting one i will give my best on updating you here in this entire week as i celebrate the entire week, month of August as International Youth Day but for me every day is my day and its for sure My Youth Day ;) and Let's make it Our Youth Day .

Every Day is a Youth Day for us :)
Let's celebrate it to the fullest 
with a big smile :)

Now, let me tell you what i have been doing this day of 12th August on physical presence 

I am taking Share Your Dream workshop for more than 200+ participants and yes for sure they are youths from St.Lawrence College in Chabahil, Kathmandu, Nepal. Almost the most of the hours of my day is going to be with them for sure :) and that's gonna be amazing for sure. 
Share Your Dream Workshop at St.Lawrence College
Ones who missed it can join us on Tuesday-
14th August at The Art of Living Nepal , New Baneshwor
~ 4:00pm-5:30pm ~

After that, i am off to Trade Tower at Thapathali for the amazing amazing and the most amazing and most awaited 

And i am hosting it for sure :)

Today, we will have the awesome youngsters from diverse sectors and the series will blast with fun and amazing sharing with all innovative people like YOU who will be attending it.

Deepen Your Root, Broaden Your Vision
12th August 2012 | 28th Shrawan 2069 | 4:00pm - 5:30 pm 
Trade Tower, 5th Floor, Thapathali

While people the entire week 
YES! the entire week we are having 


So, go through the photo below which you can even place as desktop wallpaper, your timeline cover photo on Facebook and even keep it safely :)

Check the dates and timing with venue. Where and What's happening ?

And Not to FORGET is the Series is ending on 18th August with 

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