Your Kura Kani with Tenzin Tseten Bhutia "TTB" is back

Your Kura Kani with Tenzin Tseten Bhutia "TTB" is back

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Question from Ayusha Rajbhandari

Hi, I am a student applying for fashion designing in USA (SAIC & PRATT) so since the college counsellors recommended to attending the NPD (and I cannot go to the states for that particular reason), I wanted to ask if there's someone in Nepal who can review my portfolio for application and give feedbacks? Thank you.

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia - hello ayusha.. US is such a welcoming place for asian only once u get the visa and i would like wish u all my luck for ur future... by saying that i dont think there is anyone in nepal with a highly fashion background to review your portfolio... and since you have come to me with this question... i might be able to help a bit here and there with the portfolio since i have taught to make portfolio for the first iec graduated batch... i hope i answered and solved ur query... love much <3 i="">

Question from a Shy Girl

 I dnt want my name to be disclosed....Hope yuh understand.... 
M doing my +2 and after my 12 i want to do fashion designing.....But still i have doubts.....i heard that to do that course we need to have a good skill in arts (drawing and all) be honest m pathetic in that all true????

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia
 hello shy girl.. if u have read my interviews, videos etc then i have always mention that we are not an artist to paint or draw the perfect ditto face and all.... we are designer and we need to know how to make sketches... esp. stylist in that manner even if ur not good at drawing but u can still sharpen it by practicing... practice not only make man perfect but it does to woman too :)

i was okayish with sketches too but now i can draw a perfect croques... thanks to all my teacher and the technicalities that i have learnt while studying fashion designing.... so dont get dishearten if ur not good at drawing but that doesnt mean that u dont have to draw.... u have to give ur double effort in drawing sketches ... hope i answered ur query :)

Question from Nagma Joshi

Hello sir.
I am working in an college as an coordinator but i dnt have any sense of fashion and and my husband both are similar in height so i dnt know what kind of dresses will look good to me while walking with my husband and what to wear during my office time.plz sir i really need ur me sir

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia 
hello nagma... well u dint mention what kind of college ur working for??? if its a very fashion oriented college then u can try out many options and u can even play with the colors since its mandatory to look good when so many other students are judging you in one way or other... but if its more like a business college/office then it alwaz helps to dress smart which means u can opt for more suited attire... like pencil skirt and shirts... u can even team it up with more sophisticated looking top as well...regarding the color, u can go for more neutral colors... 

coming to ur second query about u and ur husband having the same height, which means u definitely dont wanna look taller than your husband, in that case try avoiding garments which will tend to make u look taller.. like vertical stripes and long silhouette... i hope i answered ur query... thank u :)

Question from ..........'Janu'

Hi tenzin Daii,
I don't want to mention my name haii..just call me..janu.
Mero problem..malai actually ekdum different looks n nice n perfect personality dekhne gari dress up garna manlag6..but i don't think so m perfect chooser..if I go wid Frn I get good one but my self I can't..Specialy color of cloths ,shoes ,bag match garna pattakaiii audaina ..I like fitting,yellow ,red ,light is my fav color..I hate black color.just sometime I wear..specially leggings..ani mero body ma big forehead ra ..big stomach Ko problem cha..big tummy le Garda fitting launa ramro hunna Tara aru like arms.tight all perfect..ani I hav got lovely long hair..but bcoz of big forehead,.always same hair would u mine to help me plzz or where can I come to see u..this September m going to get I want to look gorgeous n extra..for my weeding n after wedding naya dulahi get up also so plz plz plz...answer my qn plzz..thank u very ..u doing very well ..thank u for ur all updates's helped us a lot..

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia hello janu... well the name sounds ali cheesy but who gets the opportunity to call someone janu all the time haina ra :)  ke ke ke...coming to ur question, u mention that u get the best stuff when ur with ur frds out shopping, thats the fun part ni while going for shopping, u not only get to shop with ur friends but to spend a happy moments with them which u will cherish forever... so whenever u go out shopping u can call ur friends coz ur frd can give u the best suggestion..

having a problem with big forehead can be solved by having a bang/fringe and can be covered ur forehead with ur hair... ani stomach ko lagi.. since u love wearing fitted clothes, so make it more tighter on the upper torse.. and down the waist line go lil A line... which will hide ur tummy and it will look glam as well....

lastly congratulation for ur wedding... and yes u can see me here at my home studio... located at vasundhara talim kendra... near to kantipur dental college... 

i hope i answered ur query :) love much <3 i="">

Question from Nikita Shrestha

 My friend is doing fashion designing from creation.she wants to work under famous fashion designer like can she get opportunity to work under??

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia
 hello nikita... well the placement opens time to time for internship when i have a project to work on, where i need an intern to help me out... coz i think it works both way.... helping each other.... i had interns for the project of nepali movie visa girl... so did i took intern for fashion shows here and there.... so pls tell ur friend to keep updated with this page..... whenever new project comes in... i will put the announcement here... thank u... hope i answered ur query :)

Question from Shristi Kc

 hi dai..hows lyf?im a well wisher of urs n i do like ur wrk..

abt me im fair 5.4 feet tall thin 22years grl..i wanna ask u..what kind of dress sud i were..i think tight t shirts makes me look more dat true?i love wearing jumpsuits..skirts..leggings as well bt my legs r long n i feel a kind of awkardness in dose plz help me..give me tips abt da kinds of top n lower wears dat help me look better..n which color do i use more?
do rply..n wud b thankful alot..

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia 
hello shristi... i totally understand what are u talking about!!! i think its the age that ur in... once u cross 23-24 age then u will regret and will cherish the moment of being thin... i was super thin when i was in my teens... and now when i look at myself i feel like going ages back ;)

coming to ur question - dont go for tight hugging tees... that will definitely make u look more thinner... so opt for loose see through tees.. why see through becoz that will show ur silhouette/shape of ur body and will not make u look fat as well of the fullness top..... as per the trouser, loose will make u look bigger and tight will make u thinner... go for the perfect shaped trouser, neither too tight nor too loose... coming to colours... go for lighter tints of color... which will reflect the light and will not make u look thin... if u go for darker shades then that will absorb light and will make u look thin.... i hope i answered ur query... love much <3 i="">

Question from Enish Rai

Greetings Mr Bhutia 
I'm 170 cms and skinny. I like to wear my denim or trousers with a cuff at the end but I've heard its a No-No for short guys and I think I'm short well not compared to Nepali guys but as per the fashion standards. So I'm confused whether I should go for cuffed ends or not and what will be the perfect hemline so that when I cuff the pant for 3 folds it looks perfect and which fit should I go for since I'm skinny, I think skinny fit makes me look very small and thin and I dont like the looser fits as they dont look sharp and clean and does the hemline should be longer for denim and shorter for trousers? And last but not the least the denim we get at the stores are way longer so can you prescribe any specific brands and fit that goes well for me and btw I currently wear mostly Levi's 511
Thank you
Enish Rai.

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia - 

hello enish... ur the first guy who have send me query after tons of girls already did.... well thats why designer dont do menswear.... they are least bothered about the clothes except some of them like u... 

coming to ur question, end cuff definitely tends to make u look shorter as it breaks the line at the end... but its quite trendy...even i love doing that... i tend to look short but who cares... i love it... fashion for me is individual style... and one of the reason for doing that as well is that if i tend to alter the trouser it never looks like the one we bought... but if ur very cautious about the height then u can crop the hem line according to ur height... just make sure that u dont break the line from top to bottom 

as per the fitting if ur super skinny then try avoid to wear very skinny pants... and as u dont like the loose fit .. so the best thing for u would be to opt for regular fit denims ...

talking about the brand... most of the good brands have denim which are longer length wise.. anyhow u have to alter ur jeans/trouser.. its the same case with all the asian brands as well... trust me i have never ever found a store where i get my perfect length denim... they all are longer than what i am... so the best would be to go to a good tailor to make it perfect length for urself... i hope i answered ur query... love much 

Question from Makendra Singh

my daughter is doing acca bt at the same time she is intrested in designing as well.... now tenzin suggest some solutions plzz........ is diploma in designing can make her designer? and which colz is good out there in nepal for that diploma ?

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia... 

hello makendra singh.. well having interest is a different thing and still passionate abt it once she completes her course is another... so i would suggest that you should give ur daughter a chance to study fashion designing once.... and doing a diploma course will definitely decide whether she is passionate about it or not....

about making a career after diploma course esp. from nepali institute is kinda hard.... three year course itself is not sufficient from nepal institute so lets forget about making it there after diploma... but as i said she will realise it after doing diploma whether she wants to make a career or not.. and if she is still interested in fashion then she should pursue more in fashion institute.... as far as i know there are 2 good institute who provide diploma course ... iec bag bazaar in ktm.... and rift college in bhaktapur..... i hope i answered your query... have a great day 

Question from Samiksha Dhungana

hi tenzin Dai first of all I think you're awesome and I love your most recent collection. My question is more about the modelling side of fashion.....i was just wondering what I would need to do if I wanted to be a runway model in Nepal? Im currently in my senior year in high school and i wanted to get into fashion while getting my bachelors. So how and where do i start off? Thank you

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia - 

to be a runway model in nepal u need to have atleast 5.6 height then u will get good runway shows for female... and fot international level u need to be atleast 5.8 and above... and u will be able to make it internationally... preferred height is 5.10 internationally for female... u need to learn the walk and poses first... for that do watch loads of ftv and other fashion channel... u need to have the expression right and on top of that u need to feel the need of being a model... u should be able to make the designer happy by flaunting the cloth in a very pleasant manner..

if u have what it takes to be a model then go for different audition that get published in newspaper and facebook... there are so many fake agency in nepal so beware of it... and who knows after seeing this post and question from u ... some people/agency might be interested to contact me...  i hope i answered ur query... have a good day  

Question from Inked Metallica I don’t usually dress up like a typical Nepali fashionista. My get up is basically a black pant, musical band’s printed tee and a converse. After a long battle in choosing the outfit, I end up in the same outfit. I’m short and not that thin too..I wanna try some girly stuffs but I’m scared thinking that it won’t suit me. My hair is short and my complexion is tanned. Can you help me out in trying the new outfits. I wanna be a girl and not a tomboy anymore!!

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia - 

hello inked metallica... good to get a question from a inked girl... i really like tomboyish girl who have their own signature style but yes people change so there is a time where people transform their dressing style as well... u cannot believe how i was so inspired by hip hop during my teenager and used to wear all those baggy pants and all... and now i have a totally different style... it happens to everyone's life, whether someone accepts it or not... 

coming to ur question - well i wouldnt suggest u to tranform urself totally and go very girly girly, ur friends might die of heart attack after seeing ur makeover... instead i would recommend to take step at a time... first go with lil girly top with a jeans... and try lil bolder and go with more colours and then finally hop onto dresses and then to a nepali fashionista... the whole idea is to take step by step... i hope i answered ur query  love much

Question from Enish Rai

question - Like I said I have lots of querries here I go. I like to wear a sports blazer over a Tee. I think this look syncs with every occasion. The problem is like I said it earlier I dont have an athletic build so I have problems getting blazer for my size so I should opt for alterations. Recently I bought a Linen sports blazer and it had to go through the alterations, now the fit is perfect but there's a problem the blazer's lapel just pops out when I button the blazer since it's bigger. Now I can't make it small so I have to wear it unbuttoned every time and I think I totally wasted my money on it. So are there any solutions for this prob or are there anyplace where I can get something that fits me perfectly which means apparels that requires no alterations. Help
Much Love
Enish Rai

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia -
 hello enish.. good to hear from u again.. i totally get it... it happens to most of the people who go for an alteration... so first thing first what u need to consider is whether the purchased item can be altered or not... if its a very complicated design with loads of stitches then its better not to opt for those kind of items coz it becomes really hard to alter it.....

coming to ur problem of ur lapel popping out, what i realise is your blazer is too fitted or lets say tight..... if its really fitted towards ur chest part then it stretches out the lapel/chest area, thats why ur lapel couldnt find a place to stay nicely... blazer are always meant to wear regular fit... not too tight nor too loose... atleast a inch or two bigger than what ur chest is and that too after putting ur shirt or tee inside....

and getting a perfectly fit blazer... i would recommend you to do it custom made... so that it embodies you.... i hope i answered your query... have a good day 

Question from Nasla Bajracharya
m naszhla frm patan,stdyin +2 ryt nw nd m plannin to study my question z-is there nice colleges in lalitpur area too.n which colz r u in touch with?pls let me knw .tq 

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia - 

hello naszhla... glad to hear that you are interested in fashion designing... we need to loads of fashion designer and alwaz a new creative head in this field....

coming to your question... how sure are u about the course fashion designing???
1)if ur still in doubt then i would recommend you to do diploma course first and see whether its just a hobby or u wanna make a career out of it...
2)if u have already made up your mind then do bachelor course in fd...

now the big question is whether u wanna study in nepal or abroad... abroad is alwaz an added advantage... but if u wanna study in nepal then there are mainly three institute for bachelor course i.e , iec, bishal nagar, namuna college, maharanjganj and lord buddha, maitidevi..

for a diploma course in ktm, there is iec in bagbazzar and rift in bhaktapur....

now u decide where u wanna study??? as far as i know there isnt any good institute for fashion in lalitpur side  i hope answered ur query... love much 


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