Fitting in

Fitting in

Life is all about adjusting. Jimmy Dean once said; “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” With change in time and situation, we all have to change ourselves and adjust if we are to achieve our goals in life. From our first day till our last day on this earth, we shall cope with nature. Cope with new environments, new cultures, new people and everything else new to us.

I remember a past incident about adjustment. My uncle left his new job within three months after he joined the company. Despite having a handsome salary and a good position in the company, he said that he just could not get along with his boss. Quite often, many of us face similar problems in adjusting to a new environment.

There are a few individuals amongst us that do not have much ability to adjust in line with the other people around them. As the consequence of this, they are given the title of ‘unsocialable’. However, truth lies beyond what society has entitled the person. It is not that the person is unsocial; in fact the person does not fit in the society he lives in. He is suitable to stay in another group or community where he can find people of his type.

When I joined college after my SLC examination, I did not have any friends for more than a month. I stayed alone in the class, had lunch alone, roamed around the college alone and studied alone. I did not feel like going to college or studying. Moreover, when most of the students in my college were with their own gang, I used to feel quite awkward roaming alone. One question always hovered in my mind during those days, “Do I belong to this place?” After a short while, with change in time and situation I made friends and started to feel like going to college and focusing on my studies. After a short interval I regained the happiness hidden inside me.

Everyone has the ability to adjust. As oil does not dissolve with water, no person can quickly adjust in a completely different place than what he or she is used to. Not only humans, all living beings in the universe have to go through this phenomenon. Everything changes and with these changes, adjustment is a must. Lizards survive in the scorching sun and dry places and polar bears survive in freezing cold places. Fish adjust in water, whereas humans can only survive on the land. Hence, no one should feel lonely and frustrated for not being able to adjust. Sometimes, it is a hard realisation that we do not belong to the place we are living in.


(This article was published on NOV 26,2010 in The Kathmandu Post)



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