Love Never Hurts

Love Never Hurts

So, since last valentine, I have not written anything about "Love". I would not have as well, if I did not come to hear about suicide of a +2 girl just because her "SO CALLED" love dumped her through text.

If you will ask me about my reaction after hearing this, I laughed out loudly at first. Seriously, I could not control. Nevertheless, I was not laughing at her death. Do not mean it. Rather than I was laughing at the word "Love" and the definition people give it, and the insanity they show by blaming this word.

Ok, let’s not transgress the topic. After analyzing the whole scenario of suicide, I found, most of the people at funeral believe, the problem was "Love". The love to the extent she did to her "BOYFRIEND" made her kill herself.  Some were even giving sympathy that she could not live her life without a "MAN" and killed herself. Shit, to this believe!!!

I do not agree. The first thing, frankly speaking, there is nothing like dying without a person. Is our life all about to be validated by our lover? Is there nothing else to do in life? Is the life all about love? Or was not she alive before he was in her life? Oh god, there were series of questions popping in my head. 

But I felt more pity on her, after noticing one interesting fact. The fact was "It was not "Love".” It was not "Love" that she did to that guy. I am no one to claim it, but yes , it simply was not. It was just a desire to get that person. And, desire to get someone is attraction; it is not love.  

Love is pure. It does not have any fault. If you "Love" someone, don't love simply to gain. If you are in illusion that "love is to gain", then yes, it will hurt. I must not repeat, it causes death as well. See, she is now dead for no reason. Her life has ended. Yes, everything ended for no reason.  Love never hurts. Selfishness to get that person hurts. Desires and dissatisfaction hurts. 

If you claim to love someone to the extent that you can commit suicide for that person, then you should have guts to let him go. Is not it? 

I know you may think these things are just applicable in words. In practical life, your heart may even stop when you see your loved one hugging someone else, and you got to see their beautiful pictures in social networking sites. But, trust me, it is practically possible. If you love, be happy for the happiness of that person.. Mark my words. . Love, but never to gain!!! 

Life is simply not about gaining everything. Yes, it may hurt if you are addicted to a person, and suddenly the person clears his path. But it's what makes you stronger at the end, and love is all about being better at the end. Something is completely upon fate, and you cannot change it. Perhaps, you got to accept it. Somebody is never meant for us, but it does not mean you cannot live further.  It does not mean it is the end. May be your life demands the next chapter, perhaps the beautiful one? There is one special person for you, and sooner or later that person will come around. So, held your head high, and live your life. Yes, explore the world. You never know who is waiting you at the end of this road.!!!! 

Good Luck to all the selfless lovers!!!!! 

Sadikshya Gautam "Sad-Is Saw" is an emerging author and coming up with her novel on love and relationship . Her passion ranges from travelling to cultural investigations, from sports to debating. She shares that in her naive mind, universe and human existence has always been a matter of curiosity and the world seems in terms of stories. 


Anonymous said...

suicide just for being dumped... i would not opt for that

Unknown said...

:)I wish she did the same!!


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