Koffee Cup gets FULL with TTB Dose

Koffee Cup gets FULL with TTB Dose

साथीहरु यहाँहरु को हातमा कतै हाम्रो Koffee Cup त् छैन नि !!! यहाँ हाम्रो Koffee Cup हराए झै लाग्यो        

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Last time our very own dashing TTB - Tenzin Tseten Bhutia poured some answers to many of our audiences and after long we got the Koffee Cup that was missing and TTB could pour the answers as Coffee  Koffee at our TTB's edition of  "Koffee hoina kura kani ho with Tenzin Tseten Bhutia "

Here's your question and TTB pours in the answers -

Question from Sushma Shakya hlw bro...i want to read fd course bt no idea abt gud colleges in ktm so would u plz help me to select gud college in ktm...

tenzin tseten bhutia - 

hello sushma... glad to know that u wanna study fashion..... i have already answered the question before asked by muna in my wall post... i am copying and pasting it again for u to have an easy access.... thank 

there are three main institute for fashion designing in kathmandu i.e. iec, namuna college and lord buddha ... it will be nice if u visit all the three institute and decide it on ur own!!!
u have to finish ur plus 2 to get admission but some of the institute mentioned above take housewives as well who are interested in fashion as it says it better late than never ... and there is no criteria as such u just need to be passionate about the career ... thank u..... i hope ur queries been answered

Question from Roshnee Poon

question - hey bro wass up !!!! hows lyf treating u up!!!! okiee here is my prblm ... I m 5'4 n half tall bt hab a really healthy body weight arnd 67,68 ... n i lov mch lov to dress up .... actually love 2 wear shorts n dresses... n oh fogot to mention i hav really big arms so wat should i wear, which colours lyk most of the tym i play wid different colour ... so give me suggestion wat to wear n not ... which type of pant's cut shld i wear ..... thank u .....

tenzin tseten bhutia - 

hello roshnee... m doing good... how is at ur end? i am very glad to know that u love dressing up...for a bigger arms, always cover the arm area with clothing pattern where it makes u look slimmer on that area rather than making huge... avoid big prints and pattern on the bigger area,opt to smaller ones...

regarding the colour, summer colors as in pastels and white have always been my favourite... not only it makes u look good but the one looking at u, even their eyes gets rejuvenated with the soothing colors.... since u havent mentioned ur complexion of ur skin,i cannot refer any particular color... but summer colors are always the lighter and brighter ones.... 

suggestion about what to wear and what not to... it totally depends on your style and ur attitude towards ur life... so whatever u feel comfortable wearing u can go ahead 

for pants, u can go for fitted pants neither too loose nor too tight... regular fits will make u breathe your body... i hope i answered your query... have a great weekend... love much 

 Anonymous -
the person doesn't want to reveal her name 

question - hey.. How u ??? Hope all good I too want u to give anwers to my queries I really wanna be a part of modelling industry.. Am really intrested.. Bt the sad part is m just 5'2'' with this height can I join any beauty peagent or modelling industry??? Or can u suggest any ideas to increase my height... I'd also like u to not to reveal my name thank u

tenzin tseten bhutia - 

hello.. i am good... how u been? well i am happy to know that ur so interested in modelling.... but with the height of urs, you are just wasting ur time trying to be a model... but you should not be disappointed coz there are loads of other platform where u can enter the glamour world.... to be an actress, there is no height criteria... so why dont u join acting course if ur passionate about acting... just a suggestion.... and besides u can try print modelling where u dont have to be really tall but then they give preference to taller girls....

pageant wise in nepal.... miss nepal got an criteria of certain height may be 5.5 or 5.6... but for the regional beauty contest like miss limbu,magar,gurung etc... i dont think there is any category.. do if u wanna sharpen ur personality then u can join ur caste beauty pageant.... i hope i answered ur query... have a great day ahead 

Question from Sagarika Joshi

 Hey tenzin sir! 
How are you? Hope you are fine. 
After considering all your suggestions, I searched few colleges in India. After doing so, I was quite surprised to know that even while applying in Indian institutes like pearl and nift, we had to submit sat and toefl marks. Was it the same when you had applied? 
Since, indian institutes require sat and toefl i thought of applying in other countries as well. But since we need to submit protfolio, sketches and others, is it benefical if i take a diploma course out here in nepal??

tenzin tseten bhutia -

hello sage... well nepal falls under international student so that way u have to submit your toefl marks as well... and yes you have to submit ur portfolio and sketches... so for that if u take diploma course then it will definitely benefit you...

i have helped some of the students to prepare their portfolio for certain fees.... if ur interested then u can contact me 
i hope i answered ur query... have a great day 

Question from Peter Max

 hello dai i want to be a model in nepal what shall i do?

Tenzin Tseten Bhutia - 

hello peter... for guys,to be a model u have to be atleast 6" heightwise... besides that the body really matters..toned ones... and the facial structure... if u have it what it takes then u should go for audition as well... but there are hardly any fashion shows which are focused on mens wear... modelling for men in nepal is not a career, its just for hobby.. so dont take it very seriously...scope as compared to women, men got a very rare chances... just for an example... before TGIF nepal fashion week used to take male models as well but this year there werent any male models... it was just female models... its becoz men clothes are not very saleable than women clothes thats why designer are not keen on making male ensemble... at the end the designer have to survive as well....

there is a contest for male called manhunt nepal... if ur confident enough then u can participate there... but make sure u go there to win and not to participate... prepare urself well.. go gym... sharpen your english speaking and work on confidence becoz if u win that contest then they will send u to an international manhunt contest as well 

and if ur good at acting then u can try for music videos and movies... for that u can join institute for acting to make it more effective  i hope i answered ur query.. have a great day 

Question from Kristina Kasangbamphe Limbu

hlw,sir hope u doin grt..
I jst wanna knw hw much height is needed 2 b a model in gals..?
Thank u grt day

tenzin tseten bhutia - 

hello kristina... m doing good... how abt u? well the height needed to be a ramp model in nepal is basically 5.6 or above for girls...if u want a good runway shows....

but for print modelling, there is no height criteria... so the short girls can apply but the taller ones are always preferred...

i hope i answered your query.... love much 

Question from PrIncez MystriozAyu

 Hello Mr. Bhutia,
A sweet evening. Em Ayusha Gurung. Ol d way frm Chakrapath.
Actualy m a fashion student and I hav got an amazing sketches skill. Now, luckily I hab got an opportunity to do d job related fashion sketches and all. 
But stil m a bit confuse to go wid it now. I hav still a year left to end -up wid d course 
Plz HELP !!!

tenzin tseten bhutia - 

hello ayusha... glad to know that ur amazing in sketches which most of the designer arent in nepal.... thats a plus point for a designer... and regarding the job, i would recommend not to leave ur studies and do the job at this point, where u have just a year to get ur certificate... in stead i can suggest you to convince your employer and to take up a part time job with them, which way u can earn ur pocket money as well... just being a good sketcher will not make u a good designer,so u have to learn all the other technique as well... i hope i answered your query... all the best in whatever decision u make... love much 

question from Shristi Shrestha

 i really want to be a super model !!! but my height is just 5.2 ....

Tenzin tseten bhutia -

 hello shristi.. good to know that u want to be a super model and about your height, yes its actually very short.. 5.8 and above is what needed to be a good model abroad with the amazing body structure as well... if u have a height of lets say 5.10 with a very fresh and appealing face then its not a hard job to get your feet on the runway of international fashion weeks....

but not to get disappointed coz there are some japenese models in abroad who are very short but counted as super models.... in terms of japanese model now actress devon aoki is just 5.6 in height but is a super model and now a star who got a scene in a fast and the furious movie with the song tokyo drift.... but the chances for a short model to make it big is a very slim chance... may be you could be one of them as well... i hope i answered your query... love much 


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