Madness Marathon ! Hurry Up !

Madness Marathon ! Hurry Up !

We Inspire Nepal (WIN)  brings Madness Marathon. Few fellowships and seats available.

Madness Marathon is Highly enthusiastic, adventurous, leadership, creativity and confidence building program, that includes Powerful Seminar; and Very interesting race of Clues, Surprises, Challenges. It is a life time experience.

It is an empowerment design which also includes "very interesting race and outdoor sports, since the crazy and mad activities continues, it has been told to be MARATHON".

What is the Outcome?

You will not be the same person again in context of your skills, confidence and attitude, - Courage, Confidence, Leadership, Communication Skill, Fearlessness and an attitude of Winner- what-else you expect to be a WINNER.

Why do I join Madness Marathon?

 Because you don't wanna regret that you didn't apply when you friend comes to you and says "I have had best experience, omg that's awesome"

 Cost covers international certification too.

Hurry up if you find it interesting.

Here is the form: Application Form



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