"Deusi Bhailo"

"Deusi Bhailo"

Festival of Lights-Tihar is the main and most exciting festival of Nepal. Among the various activities and rituals done in this tradition, Deusi Bhailo is one of the main attraction . Bhailo and Deusi are the traditional songs that are sung on the third and fourth day of Tihar. Kids,teenagers,youngsters go to every house in their community and collect money,sweets,food,etc as they sing and dance in this traditional song. In return, deusi bhailo singers give blessings for prosperity and peace.

Story behind the tradition of Deusi Bhailo:

According to Puranas,King Bali gave his own head to Vamana, the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.Bali was performing the asdwamedhya yagya when Vamana approaches Bali and asks for three paces of land.Blai was very popular for givinvg alms to any one who came to his palace.Bali agreed to fulfill his demand .To Bali;s great surprise,Vamana with his two steps covered the Earth and the Universe and asked the great king where he would place his third step. Bali then offered his own head. Lord Vishnu,seeing the devotion of Bali, blessed him and raised to him to Suthala,the supreme position in heaven.
For Bali's greatest alms charity,he gained Lord Vishnu's favor and also attained salvation.There is also a belief in the month of kartik(the month when Baliraja donated his head ) if one donates something ,it will do good to the alms-giver. (source:wikipedia)

Deusi Bhailo is not only practiced as a tradition. In this occasion,the funds collected from deusi bhailo are donated to those who are in need. Apparantly, Leo Club of Central Town,Kathmandu and Smart Club jointly organized desui bhailo program to donate to old age home this winter. In Parbat, one youth club purchased ambulance and donated to hospital from the collected funds of deusi bhailo. Many public social awareness campaigns are also active during this festival. However,every coin has two sides.

In the name of deusi bhailo,these days western songs and dance are performed as an alternate which to some extend may degrade the beauty and glow of celebration. Being a democratic country, we have right to freedom but we should try to promote and practice our own tradition in this auspicious occasion(in my personal opinion). 

Due to high demand and less supply,consumers face inflation in the market.Low income earners have to face high price to purchase goods.

Above all,festival unites family,increases brotherhood,give continuity to culture,brings happiness and all the positive vibes in each individual.

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