Luckily I met Prabal Gurung - Nissan Pokhrel

Luckily I met Prabal Gurung - Nissan Pokhrel

+Prabal Gurung was here in Nepal and he is now back to New York but many fan followers are still happy cherishing that moment being with him. With our last post from our regular blogger Gaurav Kandel on Prabal Gurung Conversation's , we requested you to send in your experience and we were lucky enough to get Nissan Pokhrel's. Nissan is a student of hotel management and an avid cinema follower and he doesn't misses a single movie from +Priyanka Chopra and +Shah Rukh Khan while also follows a lot of Hollywood and Nepali cinema as well.

Let's have Nissan now on his own words -

 I am Nissan pokhrel and this is my experience about the evening of November  1 2013. Before that day I tweeted  Prabal da about the Show and he replied me

After getting a sweet reply from the talented Prabal Gurung I was so excited to watch him live. Then I start counting days but unfortunately I didn't get tickets because all tickets were sold out. I was hopeless and angry with myself why I didn't search earlier. At sharp 3:00 pm on that particular day I went to venue of the Conversation Tundikhel and reached at 4:00 pm. There was a boy with coat at gate I ask him if there is any ticket left and he replied: I am sorry all tickets were all sold out. At the particular time I was totally shocked and motion less and all my hope to meet the super talented Prabal Gurung was zero. I stood there at gate watching the people who went inside by showing tickets and some of them are still there but  my mind was there inside auditorium and angry with myself asking WHY ? . The clock hits 5 and still there was no
chance to go inside then I thought I won’t get chance to see him  and catch his conversation but I will catch him when he will leave through that gate so I fixed to stand there until the program will end.  But after some minutes some illusion happens and the volunteer brothers show the pass card and say make a line and they will provide that pass card at the ticket price and let them enter. After hearing those beautiful words I was so damn happy and found myself at the first standing at the line I took that ticket and run towards the auditorium and saw the program was delayed. I search for a seat, found one and I sat there but my eyes were waiting for Prabal Gurung. The stage was eye appealing with its red background, white lounge chairs, a round small table and spot lights. Finally the conversation starts and Ashutosh Tiwari Invite the handsome Prabal gurung . He was in informal dress with white t-shirt, coat, jeans and shoe. After watching him live I was on cloud nine. My happiness can be seen in my smiling face. The Auditorium which is silence before now was too noisy with the sound of clap. He sat and conversation start and I listen it carefully. Seriously I love the each words which came from Prabal  da’s mouth  He is so good and his words take me away. After his each ending words I can hear a loud sound of clapping . The conversation was in English and Nepali both. When Ashutosh sir finished his questions He asked for audience and immediately I raised  my hand even though my question was already asked by ashutosh sir . The mike was handed to me, I stood up and say:

Good Evening respected personalities and Ladies and Gentleman I am Nissan, Nissan Pokhrel and as we all know that prabal da is a very successful person and he design for many celebs I just want to Know that Prabal da Who is that personality or person Whom you haven’t design yet and would Love to design if offered and Last I just say Prabal da when will you get marry (behay chai kaile garne ho) ??? then there was a laughter at whole auditorium and Prabal da Replied : garne kt paya pachi (I will do when I get the girl ).

And he went for next question after some more question answer Ashutosh sir end the session and I ran towards the stage to take Picture and hug Prabal da. But the person around there didn’t allow us and we request him to ask Prabal da once and he asked and prabal da came but the girls were so excited like me and were after him and i was also after the crowd , finally i met him and take a picture hardly which is now the best memory of my life.

And then I went home with the happiness that I met the best Designer of the world Mr. Prabal Gurung. I have a big smile in my face, the best memory in my mind and my heart was beating with the happiness beat.

This memory will be best forever until and unless I am alive at this earth. Thank you so so Much Prabal Da. Thanks a lot, Love you so much, Keep your good work on, Keep smiling and stay happy forever.


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