Rush Hour!

Rush Hour!

So the list of complains never seem to end... This time it’s with the Traffic Jam that we KTMers are all sick and tired off…  After numerous times of getting stuck in the so called, “traffic jam” I decided to write about an incident on it.

25th Dec 2013, a Christmas day, technically speaking, a half holiday to many of us.  I thought, people would either already be at their homes or with their family, or just about getting ready to celebrate. It was 5 in the evening; the traffic reaches its peak at that time. The Tahachal Junction normally ends up with vehicles and their owners, owning the roads…

I should not have predicted, or assumed that there wouldn’t be any Jam, even thou it was technically a holiday! Took a cab, following the junction only to get stuck in the middle of the Jam, not moving a single mm off from where we were 2 hrs ago.

So, I was in the middle of the Junction, a Dude in a motorbike comes (in a rush like everyone ), knocks on my side of the window pane of the cab I’m in and says
“Daju, k gareko yasto, jana ni dinu hunna ta, ali pachadi gayeko bhaye ma yesso uta bata jana milcha ni Mahendra college ko way bata”.
So the cab driver backs up a ft, giving this dude a way to go and get over his complain. Unlucky dude, get stuck in front of us, only to figure it out that the two way lane was changed to one way lane due to the bikers and the drivers wanting its way out.

2 mins later, another dude, taps on the window and shouts at my cab driver saying
 “daju k gareko yesto, pachadi kina lyayeko, ali agadi gayeko bhaye ma pass garna miltyo ni, tapai haru le ta ho ni traffic jam banauney yesto taal ma!!”
Well one whole hour had already passed by, and I get this two dude, bikers complain on how the cab driver needs to drive while they are trying to make the mess messier? Seriously? Beside what ticked me off was them tapping on my window pane, couldn’t they do it on the ones where my head wasn’t resting on?

So, I lost my patience in about another hr wait, called my dad up about around 7 pm and told him could he just pick me up as I’ve been stuck here for like 2 hrs. Got off the cab, started walking.. I do not know how long did that cab driver stayed there for, it had already been 2 hrs long wait, on my way home on foot, I found that vehicles were lined up for another 1000 ft from where I stood.

This made me wonder, why and how.. There need not be any Jam if only people were to follow few simple rules, if only people stuck to their lanes and not make a fuss about it, if only….

Written by : Subhasini Shrestha


Anonymous said...

Great one Subhasini,

Got to know about your blog post from View Your Choice Google+ thanks for sharing in there.

Kathmandu really doesn't have organized lanes being an old city in itself. But possibly with the new lane system at many places might resolve this issue. I knew about the Kathmandu Valley Road Improvement Project by the Department of Roads - Government of Nepal.

As suggested on the solution to the issue posted on Google+ i would like to share

Subhasini Shrestha said...

The thing is, road Improvement Projects are indeed being worked on but when does it complete is another thing that we, or lets say I'm still concerned about. Its a Chaos..


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