Advantages of having your own Website

Advantages of having your own Website

“Time and Tide wait none” a very true line quoted by someone. This line makes one realize about the importance and urgency of his/her work and make the one so much conscious about the time. But, I want to bring this line ahead with a small modification and this is what I want to make it: “Time and Technology wait none”. I am doing so to make everyone aware about the fact being in an underdeveloped country we have been pushed back in terms of technological growth. Today, time and technology has made one able to use the machineries and electronic gadgets only out of his thought and imagination but many of because of being in underdeveloped county are unaware of this minor fact.
The technology has been so much beneficial regarding an individual and business as well. The first question would be “May I get your website please?” if any potential business house will be doing business globally or an individual would be doing something for mass popularity.
I have come with all the answers of WHAT and HOW it can be done and today, I want to make everyone aware about the benefit of having website.
The benefits start with the expanded market of the business. A website, through the help of internet breaks the barrier of geographical crisis, communication and transportation as well. Thus a website can make the product or services available virtually to any potential customer in any corner of the world with the reach of internet. The second benefit that a business can achieve is cost reduction and increased flexibility in a comparison to other promotional or advertising tools. Your content remains longer and can be viewable anytime. Moreover, if anyone wants information about your product, just by providing link/address of your website, you are done with the promotion. You can make your product or service becomes always available 24/7 x 365 days either you are on leave or your business is closed because of holidays and this would eliminate being dependent only upon the office hours.
A buyer always seeks an easier and convenient way to provide the feedback and make an effective communication line with the business and many of them don’t want to expose themselves in this case. So, this service will establish be a perfect bridge among the business and customers.
These are the major advantages that can be gained among all other advantages.
Please have a look at other articles of mine in my blog inside the Technology menu to know further more about the registration, hosting and making your own website.

Guest article by Basanta Ghimire, A techno savvy with special interests in blogging , social media  Facebook  and designing.  



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