Here & there I see Games everywhere

Here & there I see Games everywhere

A day you want to or you can spend yourself is all this day here at SXC Mela.

So many games surrounding you and all you starve for is playing all of them and that wouldn't be once but multiple times for the enjoyment that you will receive and indeed the prizes that is worth taking back home. So, here we go some of the games SXC Mela has to offer -

Mr. Bean 
You all have seen famous comedian Mr. Bean's movies. And he might be in your list of best comedian ever. Then wanna meet him? Do visit SXC Mela to meet Mr. Bean. On 30th Jan at SXC Mela, Mr. Bean will be in a small container and you should guess how many Mr. Beans are there inside. Getting confused? Don't get confused, it's just a guessing game where you have to guess how many beans are there in a small container. Now you might be thinking how to guess then don’t be tensed you will be given a formula which will help you to guess the exact number of the beans that are inside the container and the correct guesser will be awarded a gift hamper.

Nomination Leads to Jail
Are you seeking for revenge? Wanna send some of your rivals to jail? Then don’t be so pissed off come to SXC Mela with your rival and send him/her to jail. But remember it's not real, it’s just a game. Jail is a game where an individual is kept in jail when he is nominated by other people. And he is released after Rs. 100 is paid to the fake police. It is the first game ever played in Nepal. Come with your family, folks and kin to have fun. You can make prank with your own friends, kin and family by sending them to jail. So, don’t you want to enjoy?

Lucky Dip
Want to know how lucky you are? 
Lucky dip is a game where you can check how lucky you are. Don’t take it otherwise this is just a game and this game doesn't have anything to do with your life’s luck.There will be many chits where there will be mentioned name of different gift items in different chits. You’ll have to choose any one of the chits and you’ll win the gift mentioned in the chit you chose. So now it highly depends on your luck how attractive the gifts will be. If you’re lucky you’ll surely win very attractive gift and if you not you’ll still win the gift but may not be very attractive.  

Let’s Play Occasional Games
Do you like playing games? What games? Musical chair? Or recognizing person? Or some others? No matter what you want to play musical chair or recognizing person or any other games are available at the mela. Games help us to be healthy both physically and mentally. So, come visit the mela with your all your friends and family members and enjoy playing various games.

You can enjoy the occasional games at the mela. Musical chair can be interesting to you as this game is the one you have been playing since you were a kid and this game still continues to be your favorite game. It’s an interesting game where the number of chairs is less than the number of players. Music is played and as soon as the music stops the players should sit in one chair and the one who can’t get a chair to sit will be out from the game. The person who continues to get the chair till the end will be the winner of the game. This game is both interesting and entertaining. Similarly you can also enjoy playing recognizing person where the player is blind folded and he/she have to recognize people. These games keep on changing every hour so you can play various games and you can also win exciting prizes. So come play and win the prize !     

There isn't this much its also +FIFA Tournament+Counter Strike , 30 second dunk, +Angry Birds, Goal in tyre, Cricket Mini, Ring the number, Pick me, Fishing Game, Trashing the can, Hitting the coin, Candle and tie making, Wheel of Fortune, Hit the ball, Car and Dice, +Need for Speed, Bounce the ball, Circuit breaker, Shooting game, Tail the Pony, FIFA, Dip the coin, Dart, Fishing Game, Trashing the can, Matka, Car & Dice, Hit the ball, Shooting game, Bounce the ball, Cup Pyramid, Ballon Mania,  Bail Out, Treasure Hunt and many many more.

A compiled blog post by +Shyam Dahal and +Neema Ghimire welcoming you all at SXC Mela. +View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई - is an outreach partner of #SXCMela.



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