Amalgam of notions embodied into words - TedxYouthKamalPokhari

Amalgam of notions embodied into words - TedxYouthKamalPokhari

Kathmandu, Pradarshini Marg - July 7, 2018 - Definitely not bungle to interpret the recent Tedx event organized by the TedxYouthKamalPokhari as a “melting pot” for the emerging ideas of innovations, activism, entrepreneurship and literatures.

With the major theme of “Changing Currents”, the event organized at the Nepal Tourism Board featured variation of individual stories and exalting notions from eight live speakers, primarily advocating for the essence of change in various aspects in our lives and society. Also, the program was embellished with some spectacular musical performances, poetry and a magical show in between.
Tedx programs have been known to help organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection. Indeed, the event was a very influential space where personalities like Aayushi KC stunned the audiences with her enticing comparisons between Hindu story of “Laxman Rekha” and necessity of amplifying our own comfort zones. And, an innovative presentation from Ashim Pandey regarding his ambition of manufacturing green mobility solutions for the urban commuters of the future was noteworthy.
Priya Sigdel who prompted us to accept ourselves rather than seeking approval from others and Bipana Sharma with her stories of inner contentment from living her dream at very young age, listeners undoubtedly fostered their horizon of oneself.
Galvanizing leaders like Ranju Darshana emphasizing on rather seeking our curiosity with “Right to information” and Asish Thakur who talked about the ways to bridge the gap between education and employment; those were really “ideas worth sharing”. Also, a sensitive personal story of Nawaraj Parajuli since childhood was really heartening.
“Whenever the society needs the change, youths turn out to be changemaker. The sole purpose of organizing this event of tedxyouthkamalpokhari is to give voices to those heros who are the positive changemakers of the society with TED experience.” Said Ajay Pandey, Co organizer of TedxYouthKamalPokhari.

Programs like TEDx being appreciated with such enthusiastic participants is the epitome how time is evolving towards the revolutionary shift where people are being more aware and conscious regarding the change that we strongly need.

The event was pulled off by a group consisting of Prayas Tiwari, Ajay Pandey, Samyam Aryal, Dristhi Maharjan, Abhibind Khaniya, Avishek Aryal and Abhinav Gyawali.The event was supported by Grace International as Gold Partner and The Crust as a Food Partner.



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