How much is ENOUGH?

How much is ENOUGH?

I couldn’t help but write on this after reading +Parash Upreti blog.  Ah nothing related to saving or spending though, just my view on how much is enough?

So how much is actually ENOUGH?

Being a girl, it never seems enough for us, least not for me. Purchasing over a dozens of red lipstick, the next one you see would always seem prettier and redder than the ones you own.  Is it just me? But I doubt that it’s just me!!

Well there are weaknesses for all of us, looking at it, for an example, a guy’s closet would obviously have a number of shoes, jackets and tees if not jeans or trousers. But the thing about girls is, the varieties of clothing are always more, counting them on your fingertips is never possible!!

So you know you have to save, you know you have another pair that looks exactly same but of different color, yet you purchase it, and the cycle goes on!! Being a victim myself, I find myself literally closing my eyes, shutting myself off the sounds you hear while you pass through anything pretty over the market.

But, I don’t have a back-up yet! Though I have seen people buying the same thing in 2 or more quantity reasoning out as “Well I need and extra if incase I lose this one or break/tear it”. I don’t think these people really think that it may be going out of fashion soon, or something better might come up J

Anyhow, after spending a lot, I’ve finally decided not to, not on extras, or something that doesn’t seem necessary unless like Mr. ParashUpreti said, time-to-time pampering oneself is always necessary

Text by: - Subhasini Shrestha



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