Unsuccessful Attempts

Unsuccessful Attempts

Trial and Error : Unsuccessful Attemts

The whole idea was to microwave a cake from scratch. Was I successful? Nah!!!!

I have always wanted to bake a cake, but not owning an oven is a huge drawback.  So a friend of mine suggested me to bake it in a microwave and all I had to do was YOUTUBE “how to make a cake in a microwave”. 

I did!

I must have been outta my mind to try it twice. Ah quitting shouldn’t be anyone’s forte! I’m glad that I did try it again and still plan on trying it after those two horrible attempts…

Why do I actually say it’s horrible?

Both the time I tired, it was burnt, just not “burnt” “burnt”, it was hard as a rock, totally NOT edible, and if we had tried eating it, which I did, it might have broken my teeth off.  I’m just glad to have all my teeth intact...

Anyhow, will definitely post an update on it if I am ever successful at it, which I hope I will be soon. Till then I keep trying..

Written by : Subhasini Shrestha



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