Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award 2013 : call for entries

Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award 2013 : call for entries

Change Fusion Nepal, this year again announces the call for nominations/proposal for , Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award (SNASEA) 2013, the first ever award to recognize Nepalese entrepreneur who created value for People, Planet and Profit. The vision of the award is not only to celebrate the hidden heroes for their great initiatives but also to showcase their ventures and the impact they have made. The Award will not just be a ceremony but a learning experience aimed at encouraging people to become ‘job creators’ instead of ‘job seekers’.

We do not even know about great achievements of many ordinary people doing extraordinary work to create social, environmental and economic value. The main objective of SNASEA throughout has been to identify, inspire, reward and support social entrepreneurs who promote the development of communities and contribute to the nation building. SNASEA was thus conceived in the year 2011 to recognize such hidden heroes of Nepal who challenge traditional thinking and approaches and are determined to bring about positive change in their communities.

In the first year of SNASEA in 2011, out of 66 applications received, five hidden heroes were awarded for their achievements. In 2012,with the growing trend in the field of Social Entrepreneurship, they received 84 applications from 13 zones and 29 districts. Eight Social Entrepreneurs, from sectors ranging from health and agriculture to handicraft, were awarded for their remarkable contribution. The Award they received has made a huge difference to their lives and has paved the way for them to scale and attain greater heights.

Kirtipur Hosiery (2011 Winner) secured a contract with Sherpa Adventure Gear and as a result has opened a new fully equipped factory in Kirtipur to manufacture high quality garments for export. Seeing Hands, SNASEA 2012 Winner, is looking to open a third remedial massage clinic, providing professional training and employment for more visually impaired people. Similarly, several other award winners are planning to scale up their social ventures to meet with increasing demand.You can know the story of top 15 finalist of last year from this link:

Inspired by this difference being made by the award, this is the third year of Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award to bring those hidden heroes out to the public, award the best ventures and give all applicants the opportunity to join network and promote their products or services.
The deadline for applications is 19 January 2014 (5 Magh 2070) and individuals can apply or nominate deserving social entrepreneur/s.

The selection will be based on the following criteria:

Basic Selection Criteria

Applicants must be/have (No age restrictions)

Resident in Nepal
Possess the passion to create a social impact through innovation
Have demonstrated entrepreneurial potential

Applicants’ projects should
Benefit a deprived community or the public at large in Nepal
Have the ability to develop a model capable of scaling-up and of being reproduced by other        entrepreneurs
Have an income-generation component, and show capacity to sustain through their own revenue streams

Applicants’ projects should not
Be continuation of an existing organization that was not initiated by the  applicant
Involve political campaigning or advancement of religion
Involve activities outside the law or anything that fosters ethnic, religious or commercial disharmony
Be used to undertake academic qualifications

The objective of the selection criteria is to:

Identify deserving entrepreneurs who are successfully running sustainable and impactful ventures.
Reward and recognize social entrepreneurs making a difference in their community or society.

Selection Process
Call for application
1ST Round Short Listing
2nd Round Short Listing
Reality Test and Interviews
Final Evaluation

To apply online or download application form:
For more information contact: 9818965999,
*Previous year’s applicants are eligible to apply but have to demonstrate value addition or changes.

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